How Predictive Coding Helps Get Rid of the Rubbish


For the non-technical among us, predictive coding is just another term used in the computer industry. It is something else the clever bods understand, but for the rest of us, we really have not got a clue what it is. What does it do, and do you know how predictive coding helps get rid of the rubbish on your computer or digital device?

What Is Predictive Coding?

Predictive coding is a learning process that uses software to track your searches so that you get the best responses.  It reduces the number of irrelevant documents that are part of your search results.  It is also what decides what is spam in the emails you receive and puts them in your trash can for you to get rid of when it suits you. It will also choose which adverts you are most likely to view by taking note of your interests and social media activity. Have you ever wondered how after you have searched for something, you then get adverts relating to it? Predictive coding is the answer.

On a much larger scale, it is used in business and in law to help them in the same way. When they are searching for information, having what is not needed taken out of the equation can save them a lot of time.

Does Predictive Text Compromise the Security of Your Device?

Now we have answered the question, ‘what is predictive coding?’ you may be wondering if it compromises the security of your computer or digital device. It shouldn’t, but you cannot guarantee it will not happen and that you lose some data. Obviously, this is more of a problem for businesses, but if it should happen to you, no matter what the cause, help is at hand.

There are companies such as Secure Data Recovery who specialize in recovering lost data. Whether your device is an Apple Mac, a laptop or something else, they have experienced engineers who will be able to assist you. They even offer an emergency service if you need the data back very quickly. Using a professional data recovery provider who has a certified Cleanroom and an established reputation has to be the way forward if you suffer a data loss.

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Will the Use of Predictive Coding Continue to Grow?

There is so much information on the Internet and absolutely many millions of websites that data processing solutions are vital if you are not to be bombarded with adverts and emails that you do not want. There is not a cost-effective alternative that is as efficient so the demand for predictive coding is growing all the time.

With an expected 249 billion emails a day being processed by 2019, and over 90% of business documents being created electronically, the need for discovery tools that will efficiently search this huge mass of data is not in doubt. Predictive coding is quickly gaining momentum as that tool of choice, and its use will continue to grow every day.

You can think of predictive coding as the refuse collector that collects the rubbish and then disposes of it.

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