Five Brands Connecting Small Business to Big Data

A common misconception about Big Data is that Big Business can only leverage it. While it is true that major corporations with huge budgets are more likely to contract the massive data analytics services offered by tech firms such as IBM and Google, this does not mean that small companies cannot access Big Data to gain greater understanding about how they can improve performance in their chosen sectors. Here are five companies providing small business owners with reasonable and actionable access to Big Data.


Online marketing has become a crucial business process for small companies. Gone are the days when a newspaper ad or commercial spot on a local radio station were sufficient to acquire customers; these days, subscription services such as Kissmetrics provide small business owners with Big Data tools that they can use to improve the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.


Toby Scammell’s data company prides itself on empowering micro companies, and even self-employed professionals whose first attempt at an online presence consisted of a website designed from a commercial template. Womply provides a dashboard that displays metrics related to customer engagement, online reputation management, and business monitoring. The solutions offered by Womply are based on analytics gleaned from Big Data sets relevant to small companies.


Similar to Kissmetrics, this company offers a set of tools that business owners can use to get the most out of their online presence. Qualtrics is recommended for smaller companies that need to maximize the utility of their websites.


Very small companies stand to benefit the most from Hubspot, a set of tools that provide significant insight from social media accounts. Micro businesses are more likely to succeed in the online space if they focus on mastering one or two social networks before expanding their presence.

Canopy Labs

In essence, this company offers an advanced customer relationship management platform powered by insights extracted from Big Data. What is interesting about Canopy Labs is that its customer view tool can be reviewed individually, which makes it ideal for small business owners who only need to look at a few dozen records at a time. Naturally, subscribers can scale their data as they expand.

Big data is everywhere, and informing business decisions based on the best information is paramount to remaining competitive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The five companies listed are examples of how modern analytics and business intelligence can be made available even to the smallest players.

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