vSphere Web Client – Export Virtual Machine Information


If you are using VMWare version 6 or above and want a full export list of all your machines on it, then you can quickly and easily export all this information using the web interface.


Login to your VMWare Web Client and then click into Hosts and Clusters:

Then click on the VMs tab in the middle panel:

Then at the bottom right corner, you should see an Export button:

Go ahead and click this and it will pop-up the Export List Contents where you can select what information you want to export to CSV:

Once you are happy with your selections, click the Generate CSV Report button. This will then go ahead and create the report – this can be almost instant through to a few minutes depending on your hardware, selections and number of virtual machines you have on the host.

Once this has completed, you should then go ahead and click on the Save button. This will then ask you for a location to save the CSV file to and you will then have all the information you need in the CSV file.


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