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Power BI – Refresh data every working hour

Last updated on September 5th, 2022 at 09:46 pm

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If you are using Power BI and a personal gateway, you may want to ensure that your report data is updated regularly during working hours. Power BI is an excellent tool that can be utilised in many ways including the power bi jira combination as an effective solution for specialists dealing with numerous administrative tasks.

Well, you can easily set this up within your dataset schedule refresh options.


Just go into the dataset settings and open up the Scheduled refresh option:

Power BI - Refresh data every working hour 1

You will see that you can choose on the drop down menu to refresh Daily or Weekly:

Power BI - Refresh data every working hour 2

This is fine, but, like we said above, what if you want it to refresh every hour during working hours?

Underneath the Time zone area you will see Time and then under that, Add another time:

Power BI - Refresh data every working hour 3

You can then keep adding up to 8 different times for the refresh schedule to take place:

Power BI - Refresh data every working hour 4

Once you are happy with your schedule, just click the Apply button and you are finished!


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