Java 8 Update 151 MSI Installers and Offline Installers for x86 and x64 Browsers Released

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We have now uploaded to our Java micro site, the MSI installers and Offline Installers for the latest Java version release.

The versions that have been added are:

  • Java 8 Update 151 x86 MSI Installer
  • Java 8 Update 151 x64 MSI Installer
  • Java 8 Update 151 x86 Offline Installer
  • Java 8 Update 151 x64 Offline Installer

You can go and download these new installers by clicking the Download button below and going to our new filestore download website:


Java 8 Update 151


Full instructions on how to use the offline and MSI installers for mass distribution are also available on the microsite.


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2 Responses

  1. Yes, it will need to make changes to update the program.

  2. Brenda says:

    Should I answer YES when the update asks me if the app can make changes to my computer devices?

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