Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update – SCCM Build and Capture Task Sequence Failing

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We recently had put together a SCCM Build and Capture task sequence to update our images up to Windows 10 version 1709. We copied the install.wim from the sources folder of the Windows 10 v1709 ISO and added this as our operating system capture image. We took our existing task sequence (which has lots of … Read more

Adobe Flash Player MSI Installers v27.0.0.183

Adobe Reader DC version 2001

Adobe have released another update to their Adobe Flash Player software, this time taking it up to version As always, you can download the executable file but if you want the MSI files so that you can load it into your Configuration Manager Software Catalog, you can get that here. The update is also … Read more

SCCM – Chassis Types Values

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This is a quick reference guide to the Chassis Type values that are pulled from machine when using SCCM. 1 = ‘Other’ 2 = ‘Unknown’ 3 = ‘Desktop’ 4 = ‘Low Profile Desktop’ 5 = ‘Pizza Box’ 6 = ‘Mini Tower’ 7 = ‘Tower’ 8 = ‘Portable’ 9 = ‘Laptop’ 10 = ‘Notebook’ 11 = … Read more

The Best Apps For Windows 10


A new Windows personal computer is definitely something to be upbeat for, especially when it’s supports the highest operating system available. So you are right to chortle about your new window 10 PC; after all, not everyone owns one. But then, it’s not merely the idea of owning such a powerful machine or being able … Read more

FAI’s Collaboration With Noosphere Ventures and Managing Partner Max Polyakov in the Field of Airsports

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Noosphere Ventures and FAI (World Air Sports Federation) formed a strategic collaboration on February 2nd 2017. This collaboration formed Global Technical Partnership of Noosphere Ventures and FAI. Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures’ Managing Partner signed the Technical collaboration agreement. The other people who signed that agreement are the World Air Sports Federation president (Frits Brink) and the … Read more

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Cannot access network shares fix

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Have you recently upgraded your machine to Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition (1709) and can now no longer access your network drives or home NAS drives? Well, we have just run into this issue where after installing the 1709 update, we could not access our (slightly old) WD MyBook Live network attached storage device. When … Read more

How to download Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ISO offline installers


With Microsoft‘s release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709), you may want to have the ability to choose when to update your personal or corporate machines and maybe without access to the internet. So how can you do that? Microsoft seem these days to want to update all our machines using Windows Update. … Read more

Adobe Flash Player MSI Installers v27.0.0.170

Adobe Reader DC version 2001

Well it looks like Adobe might have made a bit of a mess of the previous update as there are a few reports of flash based programs crashing after the version release. Adobe have very quickly released another update to their Adobe Flash Player software, this time taking it up to version As … Read more

Google Chrome version 62.0.3202.62 Released and MSI Installer

Google Chrome MSI 85 Installer

Google have now released a new version of their Chrome browser, version 62.0.3202.62. If you are looking at deploying Google Chrome using systems like Configuration Manager, WDS, SCUP or Group Policy, you will want to use their MSI installer to make it much easier. You can now download the Google Chrome MSI installer direct from … Read more

Java 8 Update 151 MSI Installers and Offline Installers for x86 and x64 Browsers Released

Java MSI

We have now uploaded to our Java micro site, the MSI installers and Offline Installers for the latest Java version release. The versions that have been added are: Java 8 Update 151 x86 MSI Installer Java 8 Update 151 x64 MSI Installer Java 8 Update 151 x86 Offline Installer Java 8 Update 151 x64 Offline … Read more

How to Get Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Immediately!


Microsoft release the next version of Windows 10 today called the Fall Creators Update. This update will become available to the general public as it is rolled out over the next few days and weeks. This means that just running your normal Microsoft Updates will be enough for it to upgrade and load onto your … Read more

How to fix your machine after Microsoft Updates cause blue screen crashes

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So Microsoft have done it again, released a batch of updates and our machines start to blue screen! Problem Updates From what we have experienced so far are that the following updates are the culprits and should be uninstalled where possible: KB4015217 KB4041676 KB4041691 Removing the Updates If you still have access to Windows, open … Read more

Windows Server – Change to GUI or Core

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If you are using Windows Server 2012 or 2016 then you may want to change your server from GUI to Core for security purposes. To do this, open up an elevated Powershell command box and run the following command: Uninstall-WindowsFeature User-Interfaces-Infra This will run through the uninstall of the GUI process and once complete, you … Read more

PCWinSoft Software Giveaway


We have recently been provided with some free software to give away to our visitors from PCWinSoft. So you can now get the following software completely free: SuperLauncher ScreenBackTracker 1AV SWF Video Converter The full details on these giveaways can be seen below: Product: SuperLauncher Installer: Version: Landing page to get the licence … Read more

Disable SMBv1 to protect against ransomware attacks


With the recent issues with ransomware and the Wannacry attack, you really should now have SMBv1 disabled on your machines. If you are still working on this or maybe not even started yet, then here we will show you a few examples of what to do to protect yourselves from future SMBv1 vulnerability and ransomware … Read more