Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update – SCCM Build and Capture Task Sequence Failing

Blue and White Windows 10 Logo

We recently had put together a SCCM Build and Capture task sequence to update our images up to Windows 10 version 1709.

We copied the install.wim from the sources folder of the Windows 10 v1709 ISO and added this as our operating system capture image. We took our existing task sequence (which has lots of things in it like Office for example) and just pointed the Apply Operating System step at the new wim file.

We booted a fresh Hyper-V machine using PXE boot (using the Unknown Computers collection) and it booted straight into WinPE and found the task sequences available to the collection. So we selected the build and capture task sequence and let it run.

All seemed to be going fine; it partitioned the hard drive, applied the operating system, installed the ConfigMgr client, install the required applications and even ran through a Windows Update pass.

Then it all started to go wrong….

After rebooting itself to go into the Sysprep and capture steps, something strange started to happen. It ran through the Sysprep stage without any issue, rebooted itself back into WinPE and then started the capture phase – at which point it crashed and ended the task sequence unsuccessfully. We collected the logs and started the diagnostics head scratching. For reasons we could not explain, after the machine was Sysprep’d right at the end of the task sequence, once it had rebooted back into WinPE for the capture phase, it seemed as if the machine had lost its network connection. But how? its a virtual machine, it booted into WinPE at the first phase without any issue, its gone through the entire sequence working perfectly well – it surely cannot be a network issue – can it?

Diagnostic Investigation…

So, the investigation began. We checked the Cisco switches for all sorts of configuration checks (like IP helper, span tree etc…), we ensured the network card drivers were in the boot images and finally we hit F8 for a command prompt just as the capture step started and then, when the capture failed, we had a command prompt where we could carry out some quick checks. So, in the command prompt, we ran an ipconfig – no network connected, no IP, nothing. So, its the network connection – but it booted into WinPE using the same boot image and worked fine at the first PXE boot phase. This was driving us insane.

Always check the basics….

We started to then check that we had all the correct and up to date drivers in the boot image. We redeployed the boot image just in case, but still it kept failing at the capture phase. Then, after much Googling, we stumbled across a post about the new ADK for Windows 10 being released. So we checked our version and it had not been updated for a while so we went ahead and installed it and recreated our boot images. Once that had completed and distributed, we changed the task sequence to use the new boot image and PXE booted away. It loaded, it partitioned, it installed the OS, applications and Sysprep’d itself. Then rebooted back into WinPE – then the sight I never thought we would see – the capture step starts, then completes successfully.

Slightly infuriated with ourselves for not checking the basics first (like having the correct version of ADK!) but mostly chuffed to bits that we had finally sorted it, we deployed the new captured wim and started building a batch of new desktop computers. All of which worked perfectly!

So, the morale of story – always check the basics as most of the time, its the little things you overlook that are usually the problem.


For your information – below is the web ink for downloading the latest version (as of time of post) of the Windows 1709 ADK:


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Adobe Flash Player MSI Installers v27.0.0.183

Adobe Reader DC version 2001

Adobe have released another update to their Adobe Flash Player software, this time taking it up to version

As always, you can download the executable file but if you want the MSI files so that you can load it into your Configuration Manager Software Catalog, you can get that here.

The update is also now available to import through System Center Update Publisher (SCUP) so you can inject it into your WSUS or Configuration Manager systems.

You can the download the MSI installers for Adobe Flash (ActiveX, Plugin, PPAPI) by clicking the download link below:


Download Flash Player MSI Package


If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

SCCM – Chassis Types Values

microsoft black logo

This is a quick reference guide to the Chassis Type values that are pulled from machine when using SCCM.

1 = ‘Other’
2 = ‘Unknown’
3 = ‘Desktop’
4 = ‘Low Profile Desktop’
5 = ‘Pizza Box’
6 = ‘Mini Tower’
7 = ‘Tower’
8 = ‘Portable’
9 = ‘Laptop’
10 = ‘Notebook’
11 = ‘Hand Held’
12 = ‘Docking Station’
13 = ‘All in One’
14 = ‘Sub Notebook’
15 = ‘Space-Saving’
16 = ‘Lunch Box’
17 = ‘Main System Chassis’
18 = ‘Expansion Chassis’
19 = ‘SubChassis’
20 = ‘Bus Expansion Chassis’
21 = ‘Peripheral Chassis’
22 = ‘Storage Chassis’
23 = ‘Rack Mount Chassis’
24 = ‘Sealed-Case PC’

The Best Apps For Windows 10


A new Windows personal computer is definitely something to be upbeat for, especially when it’s supports the highest operating system available. So you are right to chortle about your new window 10 PC; after all, not everyone owns one. But then, it’s not merely the idea of owning such a powerful machine or being able to finally play betway casino online that is responsible for the euphoria. Rather it is the thought of the abundant features and compatibilities you will get to enjoy, which, of course, is measurable on the vast number of downloadable apps. So now you are wondering- “what are the best apps to download for my new PC?”

Well, it is no stress! The Windows Store is undeniably an apps gold mine. So you can be rest assured to find any kind of app you need, whether it’s for entertainment or business.

In order to help you get started on a high note, we’ve rounded up the most used apps currently available for Windows machines.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on installing these goodies!


Whether you need to take a screenshot on a webpage or while working offline, Lightshot is the best solution you can find on Windows 10. While the built-in Snipping tool can also do this, Lightshot makes the process a whole lot easier and seamless, and even allows you to add comments.


Except you bought your PC for display or housekeeping purpose, there’s no way you can do without saving and storing things like pictures, documents, videos, and even likes. But then, the problem is always with organization and sorting. As you save more and more files, the need for an easy way to sort and search them becomes highly necessary. OneNote helps you meet this need very easily.


Put everything in place to make sure your Reddit experience more personal. With its simple and impressive user interface, Readit is a pop-out sidebar Windows app that makes it easy to read and scroll through posts from your Reddit. You will enjoy using it like any avid gamer would with casinosvenska.


Setting up plans and reminders is very easy with Wunderlists, especially now that that Christmas is fast approaching. Use this to-do app to organize and keep track of all important dates, events, and occasions. You can even collaborate with other people. Adding and removing lists is pretty simple, as well as performing a host of other functions. Interestingly, the app can be synchronized with other operating systems and the internet.


You will need this one especially if you’re a programmer. It is completely free and will continue to be. You can perform a lot of different tasks ranging from writing regular expressions and texts, creating web scripts and frameworks, and code comparison, amongst other things. Even if you’re not a coder, you will still find Notepad++ an important add-on.


If you don’t have Skype on your Windows PC, then you don’t have a complete app arsenal yet. As a window adapted networking app, Skype is undeniable the most popular chatting tools available for Windows. Its video chatting and call features are undeniably what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Sticky Notes 8

Though Sticky Notes have been around for a while, it still continues to remain useful for setting reminders. Just like the name indicates, the app allows you to create sticky notes, which of course are digital, and pin them to your desktop screen. The app comes with a good number of amazing tools and features which allows you to perform other important task. Its major upsides of the App remain its simplicity, utility and more recently, its ability to be synchronized with OneSticky.

Recovering Lost Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Logo EaseUS

When your files suddenly get lost or deleted from both internal and external hard drives, you feel threatened and in most cases very disappointed. You can experience file loss in a variety of different formats including videos, photos, programs, music, and documents.

Most times, when files of this sort are deleted to go into the recycle bin where they are stored temporarily. But in certain cases, these files can be nowhere to be found. So how do you recover deleted files from your system?

Get a data recovery tool

When it comes to recovering lost data, the first thing some people would do is to search for a data rescue program. Just so you know, there are countless free data recovery software available in the market that can help you recover your lost data. One of such programs is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.

This program can be used to recover lost files from an accidentally formatted USB flash, a corrupted hard drive or memory card etc. Even when you mistakenly delete your files from the recycle bin, you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover them back. Basically, this program tries to recover lost files by searching through the available storage devices.

Regardless of the data loss situation, you find yourself particularly when it hasn’t got to do with the physical breakage of the storage device, you can always recover your lost file with this program. Whether you on a Mac OS or a Windows operation system, you can always download the free data recovery software and start using it right away.

Safety first

Interestingly, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard poses no threat to the security of any system on which it is installed in. regardless of the antivirus you use, the software is surely going to come out clean. So, there’s nothing to worry about particularly if you are so concerned about security. Apart from you, no one else will have access to your files; everything stays on your device.

Many PC users often scared of using programs like this because they think they would experience more damage or loss. Fortunately, with this EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free program, you are not going to lose any more data. As a matter of fact, it won’t erase or write any extra data on your source storage drive. It only scans through the storage device and tries to restore your deleted files.

It’s somewhat free

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, you can recover over 2GB of deleted or lost data. But if you are looking to restore more files, then you should be considering the Pro version. With it, you can restore and an unlimited amount of missing data from your system.

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FAI’s Collaboration With Noosphere Ventures and Managing Partner Max Polyakov in the Field of Airsports

1 4

Noosphere Ventures and FAI (World Air Sports Federation) formed a strategic collaboration on February 2nd 2017. This collaboration formed Global Technical Partnership of Noosphere Ventures and FAI.

Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures’ Managing Partner signed the Technical collaboration agreement. The other people who signed that agreement are the World Air Sports Federation president (Frits Brink) and the Secretary General (Susanne Schoedel). This partnership’s aim is to update the scoring, manage events and digital infrastructure in the institution that has been there for a hundred and twelve years.

Max Polyakov said that through their partnership with World Air Sports Federation, they look forward to bring innovation to the field of technical sports.

This revolution’s 1st stage was initiated on July 20th to 30th of 2017. This was during the Wroclaw (Poland) Games. Cup Navigator (a new scoring system) was the one that was used.

The software is for optimizing scoring and simplifying competition information monitoring. It was only applied in three events and it performed well. In future, it will be used in more events.

Noosphere Ventures along with founder Max Polyakov are happy to use that solution in the highly technical field in spite of the main criticisms with air sports is the challenges encountered in the results and the performance. If you are one hundred feet in the air, it is very hard to perform measurements to a similar accuracy as while on the earth surface. The contestants try hard to conquer gravity and the judges are supposed to try even harder to have accurate measurements. The expected scoring systems are structured to enhance transparency and accuracy of every event.

Michael Ryabokon, COO at Noosphere Ventures, revealed that they joined efforts with World Air Sports Federation is Space Modelling over 4 years ago. He further said that their idea has forever been to extend into larger sports such as gliding, ballooning ad paramotoring. He also said that they are happy to have their systems in place and functioning perfectly at the World Games.

Besides the scoring tool, Noosphere Ventures redesigned the Air Sports Games official website. That website is now having much more information about things like events, calendars, scores, news regarding future events and athletes’ bios.

It is worth mentioning that the contestants at the 2017 World Games event have noted a great improvement over the past years. By collaborating with Max Polyakov and Noosphere Ventures, the World Air Sports Federation believes that their great passion can attract a larger audience to their events.

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via FB
Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via FB

Noosphere Ventures is again thinking of ways of improving many other types of sports. Early this year, they hosted a hackathon at prominent universities in Ukraine to come up with a new scoring system for ballooning events. Three great teams are trying their best presently on their prototypes in order to live-test their gadgets during the coming World Air Sports Federation Ballooning event.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Cannot access network shares fix

3 3

Have you recently upgraded your machine to Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition (1709) and can now no longer access your network drives or home NAS drives?

Well, we have just run into this issue where after installing the 1709 update, we could not access our (slightly old) WD MyBook Live network attached storage device.

When we tried to access the shared folder it kept coming up with a login box and none of our passwords would work even though we knew that they were correct. So we tried accessing through a net use command and that did not work either we just kept getting this error below:

Windows 10 1709 Update Network Drive Error
Windows 10 1709 Update Network Drive Error

Considering how much archive data is on this drive, we had to find a solution to get to our data.

So how do you get to your data?

Well, after a lot of research and trial and error, we found that as the WD MyBook Live device is a few years old, it was using SMBv1 protocol which we should all know by now is bad after the recent ransomware attacks across the globe – you know, the one that hit the UK’s NHS?

The Windows 10 1709 update has the SMBv1 Client feature as uninstalled by default. This means that if you are trying to access any SMBv1 shares anywhere – you will not be able to access them.

Stick with SMBv1 or change to SMBv3?

This led us to two methods of getting our data, change the device to use SMBv3 or reinstall the SMBv1 feature in Windows. The correct thing to do here is to change the device over to SMBv3, however having looked into changing our WD device from SMBv1 to SMBv3 but nothing obvious is within the web GUI. So we have logged an incident report with WD to look into this. When we hear back from them, we will update this post with any possible solutions.

So, to get immediate access to our data, we have to go ahead and reinstall the SMBv1 client.

Reinstalling the SMBv1 client in Windows 10 (1709).

To reinstall the SMBv1 client you should go ahead and click the Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen and type Turn windows features on or off which should find this option in the list:

Turn Windows features on or off
Turn Windows features on or off

This will load the Windows Features dialog box and you should scroll down to the SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support and click the + sign to expand the folder. Then check the SMB 1.0/CIFS Client option and click the OK button:

Turn on SMBv1 Client
Turn on SMBv1 Client

This will then go through the installation process and reboot your machine after it has completed.

After the reboot, try your network share again and it should now work. However, this should only be used as a temporary solution. SMBv1 is bad and you need to move away from it. So, where possible, change your network storage to SMBv3 and if you cannot do this with your device, replace it for something new.


If you have any questions or feedback on this guide, please feel free to leave us a message below by scrolling to the bottom of the page and use our comments section.

How to download Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ISO offline installers


With Microsoft‘s release of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709), you may want to have the ability to choose when to update your personal or corporate machines and maybe without access to the internet.

So how can you do that?

Microsoft seem these days to want to update all our machines using Windows Update. This is fine in theory but what is extremely annoying is when you reboot your machine – without knowing that the update has ran in the background – and it takes forever to reboot.

This happened to a machine we were working on today, a reboot was carried out as it was playing up and it took about half an hour to reboot!

So, we decided that we wanted to add the offline installer for the latest update to our toolbox and went on the search for it.

Where can I get the offline installer then?

Well you have to be clever and have Google Chrome installed and you can download the ISO files for the update so that you can install as and when you want – unless Windows Update gets there first!

First of all, go into Google Chrome and go to the following link:

This will take you to the Download Windows 10 update page:

Download Windows 10 Update
Download Windows 10 Update

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+J on your keyboard which will bring up the Google Chrome console on the right hand side. Here you will see a device icon:

Go into mobile device mode
Go into mobile device mode

Go ahead and click this to turn the webpage into mobile device mode and then press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page. This will now change the page into mobile device mode and you will see a drop down menu asking you to select the version you want:

Select your edition
Select your edition

Once you have selected your version, click on the Confirm button.

The page will then ask you to select the language you require:

Select your language
Select your language

Again, go ahead and select your language from the drop down menu and click the Confirm button.

You will then be presented with two options to download, 32-bit and 64-bit. Click on the one you want and the download of the ISO file should begin:

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Downloading
Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Downloading

If you have any feedback or questions on this guide, please feel free to leave us a message at the bottom of this page in the comments section.

Adobe Flash Player MSI Installers v27.0.0.170

Adobe Reader DC version 2001

Well it looks like Adobe might have made a bit of a mess of the previous update as there are a few reports of flash based programs crashing after the version release.

Adobe have very quickly released another update to their Adobe Flash Player software, this time taking it up to version

As always, you can download the executable file but if you want the MSI files so that you can load it into your Configuration Manager Software Catalog, you can get that here.

The update is also now available to import through System Center Update Publisher (SCUP) so you can inject it into your WSUS or Configuration Manager systems.

You can the download the MSI installers for Adobe Flash (ActiveX, Plugin, PPAPI) by clicking the download link below:


Download Flash Player MSI Package


If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Google Chrome version 62.0.3202.62 Released and MSI Installer

Google Chrome MSI 85 Installer

Google have now released a new version of their Chrome browser, version 62.0.3202.62.

If you are looking at deploying Google Chrome using systems like Configuration Manager, WDS, SCUP or Group Policy, you will want to use their MSI installer to make it much easier.

You can now download the Google Chrome MSI installer direct from Google using the link below.


Download Google Chrome MSI


If you are pushing this out, you will want to use the Silent Installer switches, so this is the command line that you should use for this:

msiexec.exe /i "GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi" /q /norestart

This means it will install quietly (using the /q switch) and will not reboot automatically (using the /norestart) switch.


If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave us a message below in the comments section.