Technological Inventions In The Gaming Field


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The field of gaming is not left out as the world embraces technology as its way of life. We can say that virtually every aspect of the human race has witnessed some breathtaking technological inventions in the past, and these are geared towards making our lives better. In the gaming field, there have been a lot of inventions in the bid to make the gaming experience better and more enjoyable. Some of them are explained below.

Technological Inventions In The Gaming Field 5

  • The Video Game Console

It was Ralph Baer that came up with the video games for the first time. Many people believed he did not publicize the invention well at the moment. But he has gone ahead to win a lot of medals for not only inventing the video games, but for also foreseeing majority of the technological inventions of today.  He was the person who made it possible that people at that time could purchase these games and enjoy them in their homes.

  • The Pong Games

The arrival of the pong machines as designed by Nolan Bushnell was another invention that rocked the world of gaming. This was the first of its kind in the world, and it brought together thousands of people who were struggling to get a feel of the action at the Andy Capps Bar at the San Francisco Bar area. Of course, the report is that this broke down because of that number, but the Atari’s fixed it.

  • The MUD Games

The next invention was the MD games, which means the multi-users and dungeons. This came to the world in 1978 and it was invented by Roy Trubshaw of England. This came on a very huge mainframe computer as was obtainable then. It was the first time more than one person played on the machines at the same time.

  • Portable Gaming

This came after the MUDs, as a precursor to the mobile gaming, and you can try mobile casino here. Nintendo was the first to come out with the small Gameboy Walkman with amazing music and games. That was the first time people were able to move about with their games in their pocket and could possibly play it anywhere.  It gave gamers the chance to change cartridges from Zelda to Mario.

  • Online Gaming

This was the next in the line of inventions. Though portable gaming was here, but there weren’t anyway of connecting these to the internet. The internet gaming system arrived with the advent of the World Wide Web allowing you to play online poker, and was first played on the PCs and later on the laptops. It shifted from games that were originally stored on these devices and other devices connected to them to a possibility of getting and playing games online. Casinos that bought into this idea came up with top online casino games.

Technological Inventions In The Gaming Field 6

  • Mobile Gaming

This came in after the internet gaming. Of course, the arrival of the smartphones later shifted the gaming from the huge computers and laptops to our phones. This was the first time games were played on mobile phones. But portable gaming with the Walkman has been ongoing.

  • Voice and Facial Recognition

The concept of the systems creating the owners likeness made it possible for a look-alike avatar. Through this, the person’s voice, face, and expressions are transferred to the digital creations, and could be recognized by the games. With this, given commands and instructions are obeyed by the games.

Wearable gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality and cloud gaming are the inventions being perfected at the moment.

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