How to fix the Black Screen of Death


If you are having a problem with logging into a computer which is connected to a corporate domain and just getting a blank black screen, known as the Black Screen of Death (BSOD), then you can follow this guide on how to resolve it and get your computer back into full working order again.


First of all, you must ensure that you have the login details for any local administrator account.

Then follow these simply steps:

  • Boot the machine into Safe Mode
  • Login to the machine as a local administrator account
  • Go into the Computer Management and re-enable the “Administrator” account
  • Reset the “Administrator” local account password
  • Reboot machine from out of Safe Mode and back into Windows until you get to the login screen
  • Login to Windows as local “Administrator” account that you have just reset the password for
  • Remove machine from the corporate Domain
  • Reboot the machine again and login as the “Administrator” local account again
  • Open up an elevated Command Prompt and then run this command = gpupdate /force /boot
  • Reboot the machine again
  • Login to machine as the “Administrator” local account again
  • Add machine back onto the Domain
  • Reboot machine again
  • Login to the machine using an Active Directory account

You should now find that the machine logs into your corporate domain without any trouble when uses an Active Directory user account.


If you have any questions or feedback on this guide, please feel free to leave us a message below in the comments section.

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