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Are Microsoft using your computer as a Windows Update distribution point?

By | March 30, 2023

Since the upgrade to Windows 10, you may not be aware but your computer may be being used by Microsoft to help distribute Windows Updates. There is a setting within Windows 10 which allows your machine to send updates to other Windows 10 computers on your local network and even on the Internet! What? How… Read More »

Windows 10 Group Policy ADMX Templates

By | April 1, 2023

Overview Administrative Templates files are divided into .admx files and language-specific .adml files for use by Group Policy administrators. The changes that are implemented in these files let administrators configure the same set of policies by using two languages. Administrators can configure policies by using the language-specific .adml files and the language-neutral .admx files. Administrative… Read More »

Announcement – HTTPS Upgrade

By | September 25, 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have now upgraded our website and added a SSL certificate allowing us to now use encrypted traffic using the HTTPS protocol. You will now notice that we have a nice secure site with the green bar and padlock: This is something that we have wanted to enable for… Read More »

Google Chrome version 61.0.3163.100 Released and MSI Installer

By | April 1, 2023

Google have now released a new version of their Chrome browser, version 61.0.3163.100. If you are looking at deploying Google Chrome using systems like Configuration Manager, WDS, SCUP or Group Policy, you will want to use their Google Chrome MSI installer to make it much easier. You can now download the Google Chrome MSI installer direct… Read More »

Skype v7.40 Released – MSI Download Link & Silent Install Instructions

By | February 5, 2024

Skype version 7.40 has now been released and if you would like to either add this to your Configuration Manager Software Catalog or even have it available through WDS or Group Policy, then you will want to download the MSI file for it. Skype do provide a direct download link for its Skype software and… Read More »