HP LaserJet P4014 & P4015 – Reset the maintenance count instructions

HP 600x315


After installing a maintenance kit and printer ink bulk into either a HP LaserJet P4015 or P4015, you should reset the printer’s Maintenance Count to ensure that you do not carry on receiving any alerts.


There are two ways to do this, depending on your firmware revision.

Method 1

1. Turn the product off.

2. Turn the product on.

3. Press and hold down the OK button while the memory is counting. The memory starts counting at 000MB immediately after you turn the power on.

4. Continue to hold down the OK button until all three LEDs are illuminated.

5. Release the OK button.

6. Press the up arrow (Navigation) button until the message New Maintenance Kit appears on the control panel display. If New Maintenance Kit is not an option then you have an old firmware version (see below).

7. Press the OK button once. Your maintenance count is reset.

Method 2

Some of the older firmware versions did not have the “New Maintenance Kit” option mentioned in the above procedure. In this case you can either update the printer’s firmware to ad this feature or manually reset the maintenance count in the service menu as described below.

Enter the Service Menu — Press the MENU button, and scroll through the list of menus until you see “SERVICE”. Press OK.

Before you can enter the Service Menu, you will see a blank line on the screen where you are supposed to enter an access code:

On a LaserJet P4014, the access code is 05401408

On a LaserJet P4015, the access code is 05401508

On a LaserJet P4515, the access code is 05451508

Enter the code and press OK.

You will now be allowed into the Service Menu. Scroll through the list of options until you see, “Maintenance Count.” Press OK.

Change the current maintenance count to “0” by pressing the number “0”, and then pressing OK.

To confirm this, you can print an Information page.


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SCORCH runbooks not showing in SCCM or SCSM

system center

When you create a new System Center Orchestrator Runbook and you have checked it in ready to use, you may not see it in systems that will want to use it, like Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or Service Manager.

This is due to authorisation cache not updating and as so, not showing the newly created runbook.


To fix this, you will need to open up Microsoft SQL Management Console and run the following SQL query on your Orchestrator database:

Truncate Table [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Internal].AuthorizationCache
EXEC [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Maintenance].EnqueueRecurrentTask ‘ClearAuthorizationCache’

Once you have run this, you should then head back to where you want to use the runbook and you should now be able to see it!

Remember if you are using something like Service Manager, you will need to run the connector synchronisation again after running the SQL query on the database.


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How to use a computer to upload to Instagram

instagram logo gradient transparent

So Instagram is huge right now and for most of the time, most people will upload their selfies and other images using a mobile device like an iPhone or any other touch enabled device.

However, what if you want to upload to Instagram directly from your desktop computer? Maybe you have images on your OneDrive or Google Drive that you want to upload directly without using a touch device. Well, it seems from just going to their website that this is not possible and that you have a use a mobile device or a touch screen computer.

Well, there is a little trick you can use with Google Chrome to make the browser think that it is, for the purposes of this guide, an iPhone which then allows you to upload to Instagram.

Step by Step Guide

Using Instagram with Google Chrome

Load up Google Chrome and go to the main home of Instagram at https://www.instagram.com and ensure that you are signed in. This will take you to a page that will look something like this:

How to use a computer to upload to Instagram 1

Now right click on the page somewhere and select Inspect:

How to use a computer to upload to Instagram 2

This will bring up the Google Chrome console on the right hand side of your browser. You now want to click the mobile device icon on the left of that console here:

How to use a computer to upload to Instagram 3

In the main body of the website now, you will see a toolbar which is the mobile options. It defaults to Responsive, go ahead and change that to iPhone 6:

How to use a computer to upload to Instagram 4

Scroll down and you should now see the camera icon which you can click with your mouse cursor and upload a photo directly from your computer!

How to use a computer to upload to Instagram 5

If you can’t see the camera icon straight away, make sure you are at the https://www.instagram.com home and not your own profile and then refresh the page (hit F5 key).

Apart from uploading your own images to Instagram, you can also free download other people’s interesting pictures & photos to PC, and easily transfer to iOS devices with this Instagram Photo Downloader.

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Outlook Certificate Autodiscovery Error

outlook blue logo

If you are using Microsoft Outlook client to retrieve your Microsoft based email, then you may have started to receive an error about the certificate not being valid.

The pop up alert that you receive may look something like this:

Outlook Certificate Autodiscovery Error 6

The reason for this seems to be that Microsoft are now using outlook.com for their certificate:

Outlook Certificate Autodiscovery Error 7

So whats the fix?

Looking for answers from Microsoft, we have gathered that (surprise, surprise) there was a cock-up and the older email domains of:

  • @hotmail.com
  • @live.com
  • @msn.com
  • @passport.com
  • @passport.net

had not been correctly allocated to a certificate.

This issue has supposedly been rectified now, however, if you are still getting this issue, the advice is to ensure that all your Windows and Office updates are fully installed and up to date and it is still persists, delete your email profile (Control Panel > Mail) and re-enter it.


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WordPress Mobile Theme Problems

jetpack on theme

We had recently been made aware of a problem with our website when being viewed on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. The problem was that the site was being presented as nothing more than a list, no images or formatting. It was even causing a problem with our analytics as the code to track site visitors was not being loaded. So the site was showing up looking like this:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 8

Nice and mobile friendly if we were in 1998, but mobile devices have moved on from text based sites.


So what was causing the problem we thought? pretty obvious, it’s the theme’s responsive mobile options. So we started to make many changes to the settings of our theme and site and even tried a bit of custom CSS, but nothing worked and the site was still showing as a text based mobile site. Infuriating.

Then from nowhere, it clicked, we knew what the problem was – Jetpack.


Jetpack is an awesome plugin and it does a lot of good things, however, at some point, we must of thought it was a great idea to have the Jetpack mobile theme enabled.  Using the ready.mobi site, we checked our site against the four device options and the desktop version was correct, but all three other versions (high-tier, mid-tier and low-tier devices) were displaying this annoying text based version:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 9

So, we went and checked the settings within Jetpack and there it was, the Jetpack mobile theme was enabled:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 10

So, we went ahead and turned this option off so it should be like this within the Jetpack settings:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 11

Checked our website against the ready.mobi site again and there you go – all working as it should using our themes mobile friendly site:

WordPress Mobile Theme Problems 12


Instantly, we saw our website visitors go up on Google Analytics real-time view and we checked a few of our own mobile devices to confirm that it was now working correctly.


So, the morale of the story here is to not spend 8 hours of a weekend looking for a problem that may be something simple like an incorrectly configured slide bar!


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Site Maintenance – Theme Update


We will today be working on a new theme and configuration for our main site here at TechyGeeksHome.

This means that there will be some downtime of the site as well as some misconfigurations in relation to the layout of the site whilst we carry out the changes.

We will post an update once we are complete which will hopefully not take too long and we would love you feedback.

Thanks – TGH Admin Team

The Evolution Of Gaming In The Modern Digital Age

2 1

Whether you are a big fan of arcade video games or playing online casino on websites like bestplay8.com that has tons of card games such as poker, baccarat, and blackjack, learning the evolution of gaming is important to have a better appreciation of the technology.

Since the first arcade video games released for commercial use back in 1970, with their simplistic graphics and limited joysticks, down to the immense variety of genres and gaming platforms available nowadays, the Video Gaming market has taken quite a giant leap forward. Nevertheless, this progress was a systematic one, advancing in parallel with the latest innovations in digital technology.

The First Major Game-Changers In the Video Gaming Market

One of the first major factors that made video games possible was the invention and incorporation into computers at that time, of the RAM memory. This new technology stood behind the first arcade game ever created, Computer Space. Its two developers, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, founded Atari, one of the top gaming companies in the years to come. After a series of basic arcade releases, Atari launches the first ever multi-game console in 1977, the Atari 2600. One year later, the game Space Invaders is released by Taito, registering an immediate success and becoming one of the first cult classic video games in history.

In 1979, Activision, a future giant of the video game market is founded by 4 former Atari members. The year 1980 brings along another all-time cult classic, developed by Namco, Pac-Man.

The Evolution Of Gaming In The Modern Digital Age 13

Video Games become more and more interactive and in 1984, Russian developer Alexey Pajitnov introduces the first ever Tetris version. The rights of the game are taken by the Soviet Government, only to be purchased later on by Nintendo, prior to the release of the Game Boy, in 1990. Nintendo’s 8-bit portable hand-held console literarily boosts the entire gaming industry in the future, being quickly followed by the Game Boy Color and Pocket editions. From that point on, innovations and progress start changing the industry from one year to another. PC-wise, the early 90’s bring along the first classic first-person shooter, Doom and the first online multiplayer installment from Blizzard, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans.

The First Titans In The Video Gaming Development Sector

In 1995, Sony releases the first version of the Playstation Console, followed by the Nintendo 64, one year later. Both set new standards and trends in portable video gaming, exceeded only five years later by the considerably enhanced Playstation 2 and the Xbox Console from Microsoft.

The Evolution Of Gaming In The Modern Digital Age 14

The year 2005 takes the Xbox to a completely new level through the even more capable Xbox 360, while in 2006 Nintento launches the interactive Wii Console, followed closely by the notorious Playstation 3. In parallel, Mobile Gaming is starting to develop and according to a Dr Vegas Casino game and slot review, it was also the first year to direct the Online Casino Industry towards Mobile Platforms.

2008 can be considered the actual birth year of Mobile Gaming, triggered by the launch of Apple’s app store. The Mobile Gaming universe expands extremely fast and in various directions, from the Angry Birds iPhone Game, to the FarmVille on Facebook.

The year 2013 marks another clash of the gaming industry’s titans, as Xbox releases the Xbox One console featuring improved Kinect sensors, while Sonny launches the remarkable PS4.

The Evolution Of Gaming In The Modern Digital Age 15
A Future Of Endless Possibilities

So far the evolution of gaming has been defined by continuous innovation and upgrade, both made possible by more and more sophisticated technology. With the first Virtual Reality Headsets and Controllers already launched, and along to the upcoming release of the world’s most powerful gaming console, the Xbox One X, the gaming world can only head towards even more amazing and mesmerizing creations, each time closer and closer to actual reality.

User profile service failed the logon

microsoft black logo

When attempting to logon to a computer you get an error after inputting the username and password along the lines of User profile service failed the logon request or You have been logged on with a temporary user account

This can be due to either of the following issues:

  • issue with the registry entry for the user account
  • issue with the default user account
Existing User Profile

When an existing user profile attempts a logon and gets a temporary account or failed logon request. The profile GUID in the registry has been changed and duplicated for a “temporary logon”, (typically by the system adding “.bak” onto the end) this is easily fixed by finding the offending GUID entry in:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList

Backup the duplicate GUID without the .bak extension and delete it, then rename the original GUID to its original name by removing the .bak (you can tell its the original by the key for the “user profile path” being the UNC filename for the profile location.

New User Profile

When new users cannot login but existing users cant, this is a corrupt default user profile (the template user profile for new users). The easiest way of fixing this is by overwriting it with a copy of the “default” user folder from a healthy machine.


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Outlook Permissions error when opening attachments

outlook blue logo

When trying to look at or save Outlook attachments, you may get an error pop up stating that you do not have permissions to save, this is due to the temporary folder that Outlook uses to store attachments when opening them is full.


To fix this issue, you have two options. You could empty the Outlook temporary folder which is stated in the following registry key:


Value = OutlookSecureTempFolder

Outlook Permissions error when opening attachments 16

However, you can also point your Outlook temporary files to a different location should you wish. Just simply change the OutlookSecureTempFolder location and reboot your machine.


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Send-As Exchange Universal Distribution Group

Exchange 2013


If you want to allow a user to ‘Send-as’ a Universal Distribution Group, you cannot do this by right clicking the Distribution Group in Exchange and managing send-as permissions as you would with a shared mailbox or user mailbox.


However, the following will allow you to carry this task using Active Directory instead of from within Exchange:

  • Open Active Directory Users & Computers
  • Activate Advanced Features in the View menu
  • Find the distribution list you want to send as
  • Open the properties and go to the Security tab
  • Add the user or group in question
  • Check the Send As permission
  • Apply/OK

This should now give the end user permissions to send as a Distribution Group.


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Adobe Flash Player MSI Installers v26.0.0.151

Adobe Flash Player MSI Package

Adobe have released another update to their Adobe Flash Player software, this time taking it up to version

As always, you can download the executable file but if you want the MSI files so that you can load it into your Configuration Manager Software Catalog, you can get that here.

The update is also now available to import through System Center Update Publisher (SCUP) so you can inject it into your WSUS or Configuration Manager systems.

You can the download the MSI installers for Adobe Flash (ActiveX, Plugin, PPAPI) by clicking the download link below:


Download Flash Player MSI Package


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