VirtualBox – Exiting Scale or Full Screen Mode in Windows


When using VirtualBox you may at some point enter Scale or Full Screen Mode and then wonder how the hell you get out of it again and get your menu toolbar back!

VirtualBox Toolbar

Click to Enlarge – VirtualBox Toolbar

Well the solution is very simple but not very clear. In the settings you will notice that mentioned a lot is the Host+(something) key. One of these key presses is to exit scale or full mode which is Host+C or you can use Host+Home to bring up the menu bar and then you can click the View menu option and change the settings.

But – what if you are using a Windows machine – what the hell is the Host key!?. Well, the Host key on a Windows machine is actually the Right Ctrl key (unless you have manually reconfigured the shortcut keys). So you can go ahead and press the Right Ctrl + C to exit these modes.

So what other Host key presses can I use in VirtualBox?

Well, below is a few key presses that you can use and some that you may want to avoid. We have seen people desperately pressing multiple keys to try and exit scale mode and ending up shutting their virtual machine down – usually followed by a number of expletives!

Name Key Press
Host Key Combo Right Ctrl
ACPI Shutdown Right Ctrl+H
Adjust Windows Size Right Ctrl+A
Full Screen Mode Right Ctrl+F
Insert ALT-CTRL-DEL Right Ctrl+Del
Minimise Window Right Ctrl+M
Pop-Up Toolbar Menu Right Ctrl+Home
Reset Virutal Machine Right Ctrl+R
Scaled Mode Right Ctrl+C
Seamless Mode Right Ctrl+L
Settings Right Ctrl+S
Take Screenshot Right Ctrl+E
Take Snapshot Right Ctrl+T

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