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By | March 30, 2023
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If you are using a Shoretel IP telephony system and you access the Director from a client machine, then you may come across a problem when accessing Auto-Attendants and Workgroups with audio prompts. the problem usually is that it will stick on Retrieving Prompt and then never go any further than that until it times out:

Shoretel - How to fix the retrieving prompt error 1

The reason this is an issue is due to the OCX files required for the prompts to be shown not being correctly registered on the client machine.

To this fix is pretty simple though. Just navigate to the HQ server and download these two files:

  • https://HQIPAddress/ShorewareDirector/twentyfour7.ocx
  • https://HQIPAddress/ShorewareDirector/voicemessage.ocx

Where HQIPAddress is the IP address of the clients HQ server.

Once you have the two OCX files, you should then open an elevated Command Prompt and go to the location where you saved the OCX files and run the following commands:

regsvr32.exe twentyfour7.ocx
regsvr32.exe voicemessage.ocx

This will then re-register the two required OCX files. Open your Internet Explorer browser again and now navigate to an Auto-Attendant or Workgroup. You should now see that they open without any further problems.


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