How to remove the Edge icon from Internet Explorer after Windows 10 Creators Update

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So you have updated to the latest Windows 10 Creators Edition (1703) and you are using Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft have decided that you need an Edge icon on your tabs to try and encourage you to start using it – annoying yes?

Internet Explorer 11 Edge Icon
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Well there is a very simple way of turning it back off again.


Click the little cog icon at the top right side of your browser and then select Internet Settings:

Internet Explorer Settings
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Then click on the Advanced tab:

Internet Settings
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You should then scroll down the options until you find the Browsing category and then you need to enable the tick box for Hide the button (next to the New Tab button).

Internet Settings Advanced
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Then go ahead and click on the OK button and restart Internet Explorer. You should now see that the Edge icon has now disappeared:

Internet Explorer no edge
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