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We have recently had a few people contact us about not being able to download from our site due to them have Ad-Blocker. We have also been accused of disabling download links if you have ad-blocker!

Well, I’m afraid that none of this is true – if you have any ad-blocker or not, you can still freely download from our website. All we ask is that your kindly whitelist our website on your ad-blocker but you do not have to, to be able to download from our site.

The simple fact is that after looking into these issues, we have only found that some visitors are trying to click the text of “Download Link” instead of the download icon to the right of the text as per below:

So please try that before leaving us comments or emailing us. If there is a genuine issue then press feel free to raise it.

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A.J. Armstrong

Founder of TechyGeeksHome and Head Writer for over eight years! IT expert in multiple areas for over 20 years.

3 Responses

  1. Brent Carey says:

    This is what I am receiving when attempting to download USP from the download button: To confirm this I had Firefox open this in a New Tab, and that is what came up. Unfortunately, nothing happened, even after refreshing the above link several times. Also, I have no security software enabled that would interfere with my download. This is a very curious issue. Thanks!!

  2. Don Pfennig says:

    Thank you, I was looking for it, too. But I disabled my ad-blocker as you requested.

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