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Time for an Instagram mass unfollow? Is your Instagram full of people that you have followed over the years and you just want a big clear out?

Following on from our guide about How to Mass Unfollow on Twitter, we had been asked how to carry out an Instagram Mass Unfollow using a similar method.

Well, we have been working on this and we now have a solution to carry this out using nothing more than Google Chrome and a bit of clever code.

Instagram Mass Unfollow Instructions

So first of all you will need to be using Google Chrome as your computer internet browser. Then login to the account that you want to instagram mass unfollow on.

When you have successfully logged into your Instagram account, click on the little man icon at the top right of the page:

Instagram Profile

This will then take you to your own profile page. You should see your following number, you should now click this:

Instagram Following

This will bring up a pop-up of all your current followers.

Once you are here, you should now press CTRL+SHIFT+J – this will now bring up the console to the right side of your Google Chrome browser and should look similar to this:

Google Chrome Console

Instagram Mass Unfollow Code

You should then enter two pieces of code – however, one must be done before the other, do not try to run all in one go. So first of all, copy and paste the below script into the console and type the Enter key on your keyboard to execute:

var jq = document.createElement(‘script’);
jq.src = “//”;

This should show something like this (ignore any errors):

Instagram Mass Unfollow

Then you should copy and paste the code below:

var x = 0;
if(x==3) return false;
$(‘._4gt3b’).scrollTop($(‘._4gt3b’)[0].scrollHeight); console.log(‘loop’);
}, 1000);

This should then start the process of Instagram mass unfollow:

Google Chrome Console Instagram Unfollow Code

Instagram Following List

Instagram No Followers

Depending on how any people you want to unfollow, you may hit Instagram’s limits – if you do, just re-run the above.

Also note that this is a fairly slow process, so if you have loads of people to unfollow, it could take some time.


If you have any feedback or queries on this guide, we would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave us a message below and we will try to answer as soon as we can.

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