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We have had a few people ask us how we wrap our code snippets on this site with the yellow background.

This is a very simple piece of code using the <pre> function. You can customise it as much as you like with different fonts, sizes, colours and borders but this is our default to get you started:

<pre style="border: solid 1px blue; color: black; margin: 10px; padding: 10px; background: #FFFFB3;">SAMPLE TEXT</pre>


  • border: solid 1px blue = solid border with 1px in size and blue in colour
  • colour: black = font colour
  • margin: 10px = margain on either side of at least 10px
  • padding: 10px = padding of 10px
  • background: #FFFB3 = background colour (in our case yellow)
  • SAMPLE TEXT = Text to display in the box

All you need to do then is change the sample text to whatever you want to display in the code snippet box and post the code into your “Text” editor, do not use the “Visual” editor as it will screw up the coding.

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