Windows XP Activation


We have had a few requests from visitors to our site asking how they an activate Windows XP. Well, the simple answer is, you can’t and you should upgrade to Windows 10.

However, saying you can’t is not quite right…

As most of you will already know, Microsoft have ended support for Windows XP some time ago and you cannot go through the old typical activation methods of activating online as there are no longer any Windows XP activation servers there to serve this request. You can though make some changes to your Windows XP registry to get around the activation problem.

A quick Google and we found an excellent and well written article from WikiHow on how to carry this out. You can read this article by clicking the button below:

How to Make Windows XP Genuine Forever


We would like to hear back from you if you have tried this and get some feedback from it so please feel free to leave a comment below using our comments section.

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