How to cancel EA Access subscription on Xbox One

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We were recently talking to a friend about EA Access subscription and he said that it is a nightmare to cancel the subscription once you have activated it.

Well we have had a look into it and it seems fairly straight forward to us but thought we would write up a quick post about how to do it anyway.

First of all you will need to go to your My Account portal and login – link to the portal is below: My Account Portal

Once you are logged in, you will see at the top right your Xbox avatar. You should click this which will bring up a menu, from that menu click on “Subscriptions”:

This will then take you into all of your Microsoft subscriptions and under the EA Access subscription, you should see a “Cancel” link:

Click this link and you can then proceed to cancel your EA Access subscription.


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  1. Annon says:

    Did this, went to the subscriptions page and I’m not even given the option to cancel. The fuck.

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