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We have recently been asked to report on Spotify installations within our SCCM environment. The reason is that the IT policies state that users should not be installing Spotify on company machines but a number of people have been caught with it installed. So, the business managers want to know exactly who has it installed so that the end users can be spoken to and asked to remove the software.

So, as we were already collecting the EXE file information within our hardware inventory, we could make use of the SoftwareFile data in the SCCM SQL database. Also, having spent some time Googling a query for Spotify, we found that there were not many solutions for reporting on this software so thought we would share our solution here.

For some reason, Spotify does not seem to present itself within the ARP data – we may be wrong but in our database there was now data in the ARP for Spotify.

So, moving on to the actual SQL query.

You first of all you need to ensure that you are collecting EXE file information using your hardware inventory. Once you have this you can use the SoftwareFile table to report on EXE files and in this case, Spotify.exe.

The SQL query you can then use is as below:

     INNER JOIN SoftwareInventory SWI
          on SYS.ResourceID = SWI.ClientId
     INNER JOIN SoftwareFile SWF
          on SWF.ProductId = SWI.ProductId
     WHERE SWF.FileName = 'spotify.exe'

Although this will bring back all of the columns, we suggest that you change the * for just the columns that you actually require.

You can then use this to show you which computers have Spotify installed.

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