SCCM – Set Local Computer Description during OSD


If you are using Configuration Manager to deploy your operating systems, then you may want to set the local computer description during the task sequence phase.

To do that is a very simple process and you can use a manual method of inputting the computer name on the task sequence step or use a HTA at the beginning of your task sequence and pass the variable to the step.

To do this, towards the very end of your task sequence, add a “Run Command Line” step and you then can add one of the two command line entries as per below:

Manual computer name entry:

 cmd /c net config SERVER /SRVCOMMENT:"Computer Owner Alpha"  

Or if you are using a HTA, then you can pass through a %machineowner% variable and use this as your command line:

 cmd /c net config SERVER /SRVCOMMENT:"%machineowner%"  

You should then notice that when your build has completed, the local computer description is set as you require.

We can then also use this local computer description to automatically update the Active Directory Computer Description – for a guide on how to do that – click here.


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