SCCM – Set Active Directory Computer Description


So you may have seen our previous post on how to set the local computer description during SCCM OSD. Well now, with a little help from a script and MDT, we can take that local computer description and make that the Active Directory computer description.

To do this, you first need the required script, which you can get below:

Once you have this, you also need to ensure that you have set the local computer description step in your task sequence and then this Active Directory computer description step must go directly after the set local computer description step. You must also make sure you have MDT integration on or this will not work.

Copy the script above into a text editor and save the file as setaddescription.vbs and put it into your MDT Scripts folder and update your MDT deployment in your Configuration Manager Console.

Once all the pre-reqs are complete, you now need to create a new step using the “Run Command Line” option. You then need to enter the follow in the Command line area:

You also need to ensure that you use a domain account with access to update Active Directory computer descriptions in the “Run this step as the following account” section on the step.

This will now take your local computer description and copy it to the machines Active Directory computer description.


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4 Responses

  1. BRUCE SA says:

    can we also use this script to just pass the description you want and not look at the local computer description?
    ex: cscript script.vbs “JoBlo Dell 1234”


    • tghadmin says:

      Completely untested but you could change the script here:

      strDescription = strLocalDescription & ” – ” & strModel


      strDescription = “WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT”

  2. Naren says:

    Hi ,Could you please tell me how to get this done without having MDT integrated ?

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