WordPress Slowness 100% CPU Usage – JetPack Issues


You may have noticed lately that we have been experiencing a lot of issues with our website going very slow and even not working at all due to overloaded resources.

This has been incredibly frustrating for us whilst we tried to find what the problem was. We have upgraded our hosting three times, tested deactivating some of our plugins, web caching and even re-coding some PHP. However, nothing worked and we were still seeing 100% CPU usage on our host. We even started to come to the conclusion that as we have around 200 users on our website at any given time, maybe it was just high traffic levels?

After trying everything we possibly could think of, we turned our attention to JetPack. We started by turning off some of the features but still nothing changed. In the end, we got so frustrated with it that we deactivated JetPack altogether. Then bang – there it was! The CPU usage on our host dropped to 20% and the site seems to be a lot quicker now.

Checking through the site, it actually turns out that we were only using the Stats, SiteMap and Contact features of JetPack, so we will not be reactivating it and will tonight create a new Contact Page (so please bear with us on that one!), might not bother with the SiteMap yet and Stats we can live without for now.


We would love to hear from you about whether you have had any similar experiences with JetPack or if you have the same 100% CPU and deactivating JetPack has worked for you. We would also like to know if you think this site is now running quick enough or are you still having “slowness” issues? Finally, if you know of any decent stats plugins, we would love to know about them!

Just leave us a message using our comments section below.