Windows 10 Installation Error – Something Happened….


If you are installing or upgrading to Windows 10, you may have come across this annoying useless error “Something went wrong” or “Something Happened…”. Helpful Microsoft, thanks for the information. But what does it mean?


Well, to be honest, it could mean anything depending on what you are doing on your machine, but we recently found out that one solution is the language that you select during the setup phase. As is normally the way and with Microsoft being a US company – they do not seem to recognise the existence of the rest of the world outside of the US. So, if you have been changing your language settings during the setup – dont bother. Leave them all set as English (United States) and let the install go through. Sounds stupid, but try it, it might just work for you as it did us.

You can them make your language changes once you have a fully working version of Windows 10 installed.


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