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A to Z of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Last updated on September 25th, 2021 at 08:55 pm

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The A to Z of Windows keyboard shortcut keys. If you notice any that do not work or do something different, or you know what J & Y do (!) then please leave us a message using our comments system at the bottom of this post.

Key PressProcess
Win + AAction Center
Win + BSystem Tray
Win + CShows Charms (Windows 8)
Win + DShows Desktop
Win + EExplorer
Win + FFile Search
Win + GXbox App Gadget
Win + HShare Charm
Win + ISettings
Win + JNothing Yet
Win + KConnect Charm
Win + LLocks Windows
Win + MMinimise
Win + NSend to OneNote
Win + OOrientation Lock (Mobile Devices)
Win + PProject Charm
Win + QCortana
Win + RRun
Win + SSearch / Cortana
Win + TTab
Win + UEase of Access Center
Win + VMetro Notifications
Win + WSearch Menu (Mobile Devices)
Win + XPower Users Menu
Win + YNothing Yet
Win + ZApp Bar (Mobile Devices)
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