VLC Player v2.2.2 MSI Installer Released


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3 Responses

  1. Lothar34 says:

    This is very nice but is there a way to stop it from opening the techygeeks web site after it installs? It’s confusing my users.


    • You could either create your own MSI installer or we could create you a custom installer, but we’d obviously have to charge for that type of work.

      • Lothar34 says:

        Is there a way to do it without having it open through that Windows messaging service. It doesn’t just open up IE, it pops up a message saying that an application needs to display a message, then opens IE in a weird sandbox, pretends IE has never been opened before, and only when you close it does it go back to Windows.

        I’m fine with the MSI the way it is except for that.


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