SCCM – 52 Operational Collections


There is an excellent Powershell download available giving you 52 operational collections within SCCM.

You should go over to the link below and take a look:

52 SCCM Powershell Collections

Full list of collections created using the Powershell script are:

All Clients
All Clients Active
All Client Inactive
All Clients R2 CU0
All Clients R2 CU1
All Clients R2 CU2
All Clients R2 CU3
All Clients R2 CU4
All Clients R2 CU5
All Clients R2 SP1
All Clients R2 SP1 CU1
All Clients R2 SP1 CU2
All Clients R2 SP1 CU3
All Clients Not Latest
All Client 1511
All Client 1602
All Clients Not Reporting HW since 14 days
All Clients X86
All Clients X64
All Laptops
All HP Laptops
All Lenovo Laptops
All Dell Laptops
All SCCM Distribution Points
All SCCM Site Servers
All SCCM Site Systems
All Servers
All Servers Physical
All Servers Virtual
All Servers Windows 2003 or 2003 R2
All Servers Windows 2008 or 2008 R2
All Servers Windows 2012 or 2012 R2
All Systems Created Since 24h
All Systems Disabled
All Systems Non Client
All Systems Obsolete
All Systems with SCCM Console
All Workstations
All Workstations Windows 7
All Workstations Windows 8
All Workstations Windows 8.1
All Workstations Windows 10
All Workstations Windows XP
All Windows Update Agent Version Outdated
Mobile Devices – All Android
Mobile Devices – All Ipad
Mobile Devices – All Iphone
Mobile Devices – All Windows RT
Mobile Devices – All Windows 8
Mobile Devices – All Windows 8.1

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