PubHTML5 Flipbook Software: 3 Months Platinum Plan Giveaway


PubHTML5 Software Co., Ltd. is a software company specialized in providing online publishing solutions for editors and publishers all over the world. The company now offers the 3 Month Platinum Plan of its flipbook software as giveaway to everyone before Mar 31, 2016.

PubHTML5 flipbook software has powerful digital publishing features that can help you create interactive digital flipbook with ease. With PubHTML5, you can convert PDF to HTML5 flipbook format, and enrich your content with multimedia such as video, audio, hyperlink, photo, etc. The software can be used online at directly, or on Windows and Mac computers.

Here is a typical example created by PubHTML5:

There are Main Features of the 3 Months Platinum Plan:

  • Unlimited Upload/ Storage/Pages per Book
  • Convert PDF/Image/Office Document to Interactive HTML5 Flipbook
  • Powerful Animation Editor and Page Editor
  • Allow Batch Convert Mode to Increase Efficiency
  • All-in-one Online eBook Management with Access Statistics
  • Many Free Design Resources such as Online Templates are Available
  • Multiple Output Types allow Sharing Flipbook Easily

Watch the video to learn PubHTML5 within 3 minutes:

How to Use PubHTMl5 Flipbook Software?

Firstly, launch PubHTML5, login your Platinum account, and create a new project


Secondly, apply pre-design template to your flipbook


Thirdly, customize your flipbook to be unique


And then, you can open the Animation Editor and enrich your content with multimedia


Lastly, upload your book online directly or publish it to local computer


Steps to get the 3 Months Platinum Plan of PubHTML5 flipbook software:

  1. Copy the CDKey: Plt3m-whKg2-2Pd3N-Mar31
  2. Get your gift card code at
  3. Follow steps in the email you receive and activate the code at

Please activate your account with the gift card code soon! It’s only valid until Mar 31, 2016.

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