SCCM – Inject Windows Updates into WIM Image Files Using Windows 10


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4 Responses

  1. Zoran says:

    I am not able to inject some of the latest ms updates (eg KB3212642).
    Processing the package dism returns error 0x800f082f.
    I tried to re inject them, with no success.
    Any idea how to solve this issue?

  2. Dave Kay says:

    You are missing a slash between the image name and “glb” in the path in your command that applies the packages to the mounted wim file.

  3. Bejay says:

    Whatever I do, I always get an

    Error 161: The directory e:wimtmpWindows does not appear to be a valid Windows directory.
    when I get to the Point of adding packages. I can browse there without Problem. Any idea?

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