Create a MSI file to install a custom font

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If you would like to build an installer to install a custom font on a machine, then you can use Visual Studio to do this.

All you have to do is to follow these simple instructions:

Open Visual Studio and start a new installer project. Then carry out the following steps:

Right click on the File System on Target Machine, Add Special Folder > Fonts Folder:

Once you have created the Fonts folder then place your font file there:

This will ensure that the installer places the font file into the Fonts folder within Windows, however, you need to also register the font.

To register the font, you have to go to the Properties for each font file and change Register from vsdrfDoNoRegister to vsdrfFont:

When you have made these changes, you can then generate the installer and test. You should then find that the font is successfully installed.


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