Virus Alert – Clare Harding – – Carters Packaging Ltd


You may have been receiving a huge amount of email spam this morning from Clare Harding at Carters Packaging Ltd with an invoice attachment called Purchase Order 0000035394.doc

Well, this is a virus and seems to be spreading around the internet like wild fire at the moment, so blacklist this email address:


Obviously this is an impersonation attack and has not originated from Carters Packaging Ltd.

You should fully virus scan your machines using whichever anti-virus you have. In some cases, you may have to rebuild computers as this seems to run as a process.

The subject of the email will be similar to this:

Purchase Order 0000035394 customer 09221

A little more information on this virus attack

Rumoured download locations are:


It also looks like it stores its executable file in the %temp% directory with a filename of httsser.exe

It could be generating traffic to this IP below so worth blocking that on your systems too:


If you have been affected by this in anyway, we would like to hear from you so leave us a message below using our comments system.

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