Mimecast Outlook Client 6.1.1396.14780 Released


Mimecast have now released version 6.1.1396.14780 of their Outlook Client.

This version of the MSO client now provides the following:

New features

  • Single Sign On authentication.
  • New intuitive Quick Search experience.
  • Mimecast Quick Search bar now available under the Outlook search bar in Outlook 2013 onwards.


  • Significant performance improvements to the Continuity workflow.
  • Changes to data storgae locations.
    • %appdata% > Message and attachments cache.
    • %programdata% > Local database file and logs.
  • Applied Application Settings are now reflected in the logs.
  • Improvements to navigation using the Tab key.
  • Improvements to right-click behavior with attachments.
  • BCC addresses added by Worksite/iManage Work will now be ignored.

To push this out using SCCM or Group Policy, we recommend using the MSI command below:

msiexec.exe /i “MSOInstall.msi” /passive /norestart

What this will do is to firstly run the installer, then the /passive will show a basic user interface without user interaction, but will stop and show the error if, for example, Outlook is still open. The /norestart is fairly simple – this will ensure that your client machine does not automatically restart itself.

To download the latest version 6.1.1396.14780 of the MSO client for both x86 and x64 versions of Outlook, you can click the link below to visit our downloads archive:


Mimecast Outlook Client 6.1.1396.14780 Released 1


If you have any comments on this new release, please use our comments system below.

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