KB3035583 & KB2952664 – Windows Updates for Windows 7 SP1 – Pre-Req for Windows 10 Upgrade

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  1. Ed Miller says:

    I am attempting to Upgrade Win 7 SP1 to Win 10. The message indicates Win 10 is reserved, but does download. I have determined that I do not have KB3035583 & KB2952664 installed. Win Update will not complete the two update installations normally.
    I have looked at your “downloads microsite”, but do not know how to download and install the script that appears when I click “view”. Can you clear this up for me?
    Win 10 may download after these two updates are installed, but if not, I understand that the “10.cmd” script would force the download. I presume your answer on the two updates scripts above would apply to the “10.cmd” script as well. Thanks for your consideration.

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