Shoretel Communicator Client Installer Download and MSI Installer


If you want to download the Shoretel Communicator Client software you can do so from your HQ server.

EXE Installer Download

You should go to the following URL in an internet browser on a machine that is connected to the same network as your Shoretel HQ server:


You will then be greeted with a page like this:

This will give you the download link and also the version of the client software.

Direct Local Download

If you want a direct download link, you can use this:


MSI Installer

If you require the MSI installer for deployment, then you can get this from the setup.exe file you have downloaded. Simply create a shortcut to the setup.exe file and then edit the shortcut to add /a to the command line. So you should have a shortcut similar to this:

C:\temp\setup.exe /a

Then run the shortcut and select a location to extract the files to during the setup wizard. Once complete, you will have the MSI installer for Shoretel Communicator.


If you have any questions or comments on this guide, please feel free to leave us a message below using our comments section.

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