Windows 10 – Virtual Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

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If you are using the new windows 10 operating system, then you will probably be familiar with the new feature which allows you to have multiple virtual desktops. This is excellent if you are skiving from work where you can have your personal stuff on one and then quickly flick to another desktop with all your work stuff on it when the boss walks in! although I’m sure this is not what this feature what designed for!

Virtual desktops are easy to access and navigate using the mouse but what if you like to use keyboard shortcut keys as your primary form of navigation? well, below is a quick guide to the shortcut keys that you can use to navigate around your virtual desktops:

WIN = Windows Key

  • WIN + TAB = Task view 
  • WIN + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT = Switch active desktop left and right
  • WIN + CTRL + D = Create new desktop 
  • WIN + CTRL + F4 = Close the active desktop
If you know of any other hot keys that can be used in Windows 10 and would like to share it, please leave us a message below using our Disqus system and we will post on this site.

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