Java 7 Update 71 Released – MSI and Offline Installer

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Java have now released update 71 of version 7 of their Java Client software.

The update is available as an offline installer and using our guide below, you can extract the MSI from it and use it for deployment by using Windows Updates to update current machines or add to your Configuration Manager Application Catalog or even deploy using Group Policy.

You can download the Offline Installer from the Java website using the link below:


Download Java Client


By following the guide below, you can extract the MSI installer to use in deployment and Windows Updates to automatically update machines using WSUS.

How to extract Java MSI File from the Offline Installer


Update added 26th April 2015 – Please be aware that it seems that the MSI extraction does not always work with the newer versions of Java, so please see the guide below which shows you how to setup a silent install using the standard offline installer:

Java Silent Installation Guide


If you have any questions about this or wish to leave a comment, please use our Disqus system below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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28 Responses

  1. A.J. Armstrong says:

    That worked. Thanks. Now I have run windows update. It took a very long time to build its list of 17 important updates. I'm guessing there were a lot of updates to sift through from the last 3 years. Everything seems to be good now.

    I found your website by searching on GOOGLE. I searched something like "windows update stuck"

    You instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much!

  2. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Thanks. Managed to reach the elevated command prompt. It worked that way.
    Searched by Google for "windows 7 install updates stuck". was the third hit.

  3. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Hello I'm using Windows 7 and I've had this problem, I've followed the instructions however when I go to rename the file it says my access is denied. I've triple checked the name and the file location everything is right and I'm running as administer… So help please!

  4. A.J. Armstrong says:

    All is quiet on the electronic front…
    …now again… thanks to your wizardry.

    The increased traffic I'd attribute to the originally faulty 7th of 11 last night.
    To answer your question, I used my best friend with "windows 7 install updates stuck". The third hit was you…

    Thanks again. You are bookmarked… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. A.J. Armstrong says:

    You must run the command prompt as admin (elevated command prompt, not just a local administrator – there is a massive difference) or this will not work. If you cannot do this, you could try manually deleting the C:windowssoftwaredistribution folder using windows explorer after stopping the Windows Update service. Do this at your own risk though.

  6. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Under win7, I'm unable to start the command prompt with a right click. So, I switched to the admin account and run the stop command. The following response was generated:
    "System error 5 has occurred.
    Access is denied."
    How am I to proceed?
    Thanks for helping!

  7. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Hello, I found your website through google. I searched "stuck on windows update". The site was near the top of the list.
    I followed the advice and was easy to follow thankfully.
    Worked out great!
    Thank you.

  8. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Hello to all our new visitors, we have had a huge amount of visitors recently on this particular page so we would like to hear back from you about how you found out website. If you used a search engine, we would like to know what search term you used and where we were in the search results. Thanks in advance to those that reply.

  9. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Follow the above guide and this should help you out.

  10. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Can you try this command after you have stopped the service:

    ren c:windowssoftwaredistribution sd.old

  11. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Try typing it in all lowercase. I had the same issue at first try but when retyped in all lowercase letters it took the command.

  12. A.J. Armstrong says:

    I am using Windows 7. My pc stalled on installing update 7 of 19.

    When I enter net stop wuauserv it says "Windows Update service was stopped successfully"

    I then typed: ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution sd.old

    and get the" Access is denied" comment

    I have right clicked on the command prompt. The dos box header says 'Administrator command prompt'.

  13. A.J. Armstrong says:

    I tried updating my Asus windows 8 laptop but it got stuck at installing update 4 of 18. I can't seem to turn it on! What shoukd I do ???

  14. A.J. Armstrong says:

    This usually means one of two things. A) Do you have full local administrator rights on your computer? B) have you elevated the command prompt for sure – not just run it using a local administrator account but actually right clicked on the command prompt and selected Run as Administrator? If you have, then I'm not sure what else it can be as this has worked on 1000's of other machines.

  15. A.J. Armstrong says:

    I am using Windows 7

    When I enter net stop wususerv it says "Windows Update service was stopped successfully"

    I then typed: ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution sd.old

    and get the" Access is denied" comment

  16. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Great, glad our guide helped you in fixing your issue.

  17. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Yes it should work for Windows 8.

  18. A.J. Armstrong says:

    What OS are you using? have you stopped the service before trying to rename the softwaredistribution folder? if you have, make sure that it has not re-started.

  19. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Thanks for letting us know its worked for you, makes it worth while the amount of work we put in to putting all out guides together to know that we are helping people out there!

  20. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Thanks guys – Worked perfectly with all Windows updates now installed, all is good.

  21. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Does this solution work on laptops using Windows 8?

  22. A.J. Armstrong says:


  23. A.J. Armstrong says:

    I too am currently stuck on "update 8 of 21". Thanks for letting me know I am not alone. And thanks TechyGeeksHome for the info – hope it works.

  24. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Have you run the command prompt as admin?

  25. A.J. Armstrong says:

    I have typed the following ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution sd.old then get Access is denied

  26. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Alright! Thanks @TechyGeeksHome. That fixed my problem! I hope it fixed @Panda's problem as well. Whew!

    No more dreaded locked screen.

  27. A.J. Armstrong says:

    So far everything is going smoothly. I have had two small batches of windows updates since my original post and my pc has rebooted correctly both times without any issue or getting "stuck".

  28. A.J. Armstrong says:

    Glad to hear that our guide has helped you out.

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