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With the recent release of IOS 8 for Apple devices, the obvious thing to do is to update all your Apple devices all at the same quickly as quickly as you can. So this is what we did on our iPhone’s and iPad’s. However, as soon as you update, you immediately regret it!

First of all, we have to remove endless amounts of photos and music from our devices to even allow enough space to run the update (yes some of us only have 16GB models!). So once you have deleted everything you have spent the last year saving onto your Apple devices, it then takes ages to download and update your device.

But then it completes, great, lets see what new features it has. Then – it crashes! within 2 minutes of the update completing, our iPhone just froze and we had to resort to the “home button and power button” hard reboot.

When we finally get back into the device, all we notice are a few health apps that have been added – not much use to a computer geek when the furthest you have ever walked is to the car parked on your drive.

We then noticed that the apps (mainly Facebook) were incredibly slow and clunky and if we asked it to post a message – it crashed. Yes we know this is probably down to the app more than the update, but the app has had to be updated to fit the IOS 8 surely…

Then the worst thing, the battery. We have never had issues with the battery on the current iPhone or iPad we have (for the ones we have now – we have with older models…) but since the IOS8 update, the iPhone barely last four to five hours without completely running out of battery.

IOS 8.0.2

Oh yes we though – a fix! not long after the terrible IOS 8 was released, as usual, within a week or two, Apple admitted that they had cocked up and released IOS 8.0.2 (8.0.1 release must be hanging around with Windows 9 in hell…). This is the solution to all our problems we thought, a fix to the clunky, crashing apps and the battery won’t die after I reply to an email.

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But no, still no better and even worse – now no sign of any 8.0.3 update to fix the outstanding issues. The apps on our devices are still crashing and very slow and clunky and the only way we can get the battery to last at least through the working day is to turn off all location services, background app refreshing, motion movement and turn the screen brightness right down – might as well get an older Nokia back out of the cupboard!

Anyway, that’s the rant over, might be time to go over to the dark side and buy a Samsung Galaxy…

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