Windows Update Stuck on Installing Update…

Windows Update Stuck

A.J. Armstrong

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  1. arttronics says:

    Excellent article that I’m sure to remember for bad Windows Updates.

    Another potential solution is to repair Windows WMI if the issue persists.

    See this Softpedia link to freeware tool that resets it, and specifically it address Black Screen during log on, “Please wait…” screen that is stuck, or “Welcome” screen that is stuck. I’m sure other WMI repair solutions can also remedy the situation.



  2. Fuck off social media bullshit says:

    ren c:windowssoftwaredistribution sd.old
    needs back slashes

    ren c:windowssoftwaredistribution sd.old

    also, to run any of these commands you need to be in the C directory, if you see any directory after C:> you need to use the command “cd..” to move backwards

  3. Christien Matthew Fidel Ramos says:

    I have the same problem but I have Windows 8.1. So my laptop has been installing updates for 2 hours and it was stuck on 2 of 22. After I read this guide, I forced shut down my pc. And then after I stopped the windows update on command peompt, I can’t rename the folder you said. It says Access is denied. I ran it as admin but it didn’t work. Now I don’t know what to do. Shall I rename it normally? Please help me out. I’m dying out here.

  4. Christien Matthew Fidel Ramos says:

    I have a problem same as this but I have Win 8.1. So for 8 hours my laptop has been updating windows and it was stuck on 2 of 22. After reading this guide, I decided to follow the steps. I successfully stopped the windows update. Now my problem is, when I try to rename the folder you said, it says that Acces is denied. I ran it in Command prompt Admin but still it is denied. What now should I do? Should I just rename it normally by not using command prompt? Please help me out. I’m dying in here.

  5. Calliopia says:

    Error C0000121 applying the update operation 900337 of 183573. Can not reboot in any mode and have it avoid attempting the update again.

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