Create a Bluetooth Settings Shortcut in Windows

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We have had a lot of people asking us about how to get into the Bluetooth settings in Windows 8.1 without having to go through the charms on the side. Basically, a lot of people want to access their Bluetooth devices and settings just like in Windows 7 – through a window.

So, there is a way and we will be adding this as a new button into our Ultimate Settings Panel on the next release but for now, here is the manual way to create a shortcut to these settings.
You should first create a new shortcut on your desktop by right clicking anywhere on your desktop and then selecting New -> Shortcut:
You will then be asked for the location of your shortcut and you should enter the following:

Click Next and give your shortcut a name and complete the wizard.

You will now find that you have a Bluetooth settings shortcut on your desktop – you can even change the icon to a Bluetooth icon if you wish.


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