Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer v1.2 Released


Please note that version 1.5 of Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer is now available using the link below:

Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer version 1.5

We are pleased to announce the updated release of our popular utility – Windows 7 Lock Screen Changer.

You can download the latest version by clicking the download button below:



The latest version has a few changes to it taking it to version 1.2. Although the layout is slightly different in v1.2, the functionality is exactly the same as version 1.1 with full instructions on how to use it below:


The changes included in this release are:

  • Revert functionality added – allowing you to revert back to the original Windows default lock screen
  • Layout change – slightly changed layout and we have changed the menu to a button based menu
  • Bug fixes – minor bugs in the code have been fixed
  • Code tidy – boring back end stuff making it easier for us to update for future releases


The new screen shot of the new version is below:

As you can see from the screen shot, the status text is now at the top, our logo has been added and background colour slightly changed to make it less boring looking and then menu buttons are at the bottom with the newly added function for Revert.


If you have any questions, bug reporting or suggestions for future releases, then please leave your comments below using our comments system.

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