SCCM Query – Report on Distribution Point Statuses


In Configuration Manager 2012, there is a section under the Monitoring ribbon called Distribution Status. This will give you a lot of information about your distributions and your distribution points.

If you look at Distribution Point Configuration Status, this gives you a good understanding of whether your drivers, packages, applications and images have deployed correctly to your local or remote distribution points.

This is great information – if you have the console, however, what if you want your administrators to monitor this for you but they do not have access to the console, or if you simply do not want to keep having to go into the console? Well, you can create a report to replicate this information. This way, you can give anyone access to the report and they can see all this information through a web browser.

SQL Query

To do this, you will need a script to create your report. You can modify this script if you like for your own needs or just use as is:

select UPPER
(SUBSTRING(PSD.ServerNALPath,13,CHARINDEX(‘.’, PSd.ServerNALPath) -13)) AS [DP Name],
count(*) [Targeted] ,
count(CASE when PSD.State=’0′ then ‘*’ END) AS ‘Installed’,
count(CASE when PSD.State not in (‘0’) then ‘*’ END) AS ‘Not Installed’,
round((CAST(SUM (CASE WHEN PSD.State=’0′ THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) as float)/COUNT(psd.PackageID ) )*100,2) as ‘Success%’,
psd.SiteCode [Reporting Site]
From v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm psd,SMSPackages P
where p.PackageType!=4
and (p.PkgID=psd.PackageID)
group by PSd.ServerNALPath,psd.SiteCode


If you have any questions or comments on this, please feel free to use our comments section below.

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