Google Blogger – 404 Page Error Redirection

If you use Google Blogger and you are fed up of missing out on page hits because of 404 errors, then there is a very simple way that you can redirect any of these page mis-directions to another page of your choosing on your blog.

To do this, you should login to your Blogger control panel and click on the Settings and then Search preferences:

Google Blogger - 404 Page Error Redirection 1

Then under Errors and redirections section, click the Edit button for “Custom Page Not Found”, you should then enter the following code:

 <h1>Oops 404!</h1>   <br><b>The page you are looking for may have been renamed or does not exist in this server.</b>   <br><br><b>You will be redirected to homepage shortly.</b>   <script>   blogger_redirect = setTimeout(function() { location.pathname= "/" }, 1000);   </script>  
Google Blogger - 404 Page Error Redirection 2

You should then save this and it will now return any 404 pages to the homepage of your blog after just 1 second. You can change the “location.pathname= “/”” to a different page and change the timeout of 1000 to suit your needs.


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