DustyRacer Retro Racing Game v1.0 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of DustyRacer v1.0.

This is very much a test release and more of a practice in coding so please treat it as such!

Your feedback and ideas are welcome but we are looking into building this up with lots of new features, like levels that speed up as you get to higher levels, road sprites, tree sprites and much more. This is what you might call a first draft!


You can download the game using the button below, simply unzip the file and run the DustyRacer.exe file to start the game.

Download DustyRacer


When you start the game you will be presented with a Start Screen where you should enter your name and select from the drop down what speed you would like to run the game at. You have the following options:

  • Easy
  • Moderate
  • Hard
  • Super Hard
  • Unplayable
Once you have entered these details, you should then click on the Start Game button:
DustyRacer Retro Racing Game v1.0 Released 1
This will then take you straight into the game and it will look like this:

DustyRacer Retro Racing Game v1.0 Released 2

The red “car” is you and the blue “car” is your opponents. The idea is that you avoid your opponents by overtaking them. You do this by using your keyboard arrows to move left and right. If you crash into a blue car it is game over! You get 10 points for each forward block movement you make.

If you crash, it is game over and you will see the game over screen:

DustyRacer Retro Racing Game v1.0 Released 3

Your name, score, date and time will be added to the high scores table which you can access from either the game board menu bar or from the start screen:

DustyRacer Retro Racing Game v1.0 Released 4


We are well aware that there may be a few bugs in this program and we are working on many improvements but we wanted to release this as a tester. So if you have any valid comments to make, please feel free to leave them below using our comments system.

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