Welcome to our free downloads section.

Below you find over 160 free downloads. Some are custom built utilities that we have created ourselves, including the popular Ultimate Settings Panel. Other utilities include a large selection of MSI installer files for programs like Adobe Flash Player and Java Client.

You can simply browse through the available list or use the search function to look for something in particular.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we will see if we can get it added to our archives.

VLC Player v3.0.11 MSI Installer
1 file(s) 20 downloads
MSI, MSI Downloader, VLC 6th September 2020
VLC Player v3.0.1 MSI Installer
1 file(s) 1238 downloads
MSI, VLC 8th March 2020
VLC Player v2.2.8 MSI Installer
1 file(s) 492 downloads
MSI, VLC 8th March 2020
VLC Player v2.2.4 MSI Installer
1 file(s) 2093 downloads
VLC 9th January 2019
VLC Player v2.2.2 MSI Package
1 file(s) 734 downloads
VLC 9th January 2019

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