ImgWater v1.3 Released – Free Image Watermarking Tool


We are pleased to announce the release of ImgWater v1.3 – our free image watermarking tool.

This is an update product release and is designed to allow you to import an image, type your own text watermark and then save the image with your watermark embedded onto it.

As always, this is a freeware utility and you can download it using the button below. Instructions are also provided on this page.


Update Notes

  • Added diagonal text
  • Added new menus and links
  • Design and Layout small changes
  • Code tidy
  • Bug fixes

Video Demo


To use this utility, you first need to import the image that you want to watermark. So, once you have downloaded and opened the utility, click on the Import Image button to open a file browser and import your image.

ImgWater v1.3 Released - Free Image Watermarking Tool 1

Once you have opened your image, dependent upon the size, you may get the scroll bars on the bottom and right of the preview panels to move around your image.

ImgWater v1.3 Released - Free Image Watermarking Tool 2

Now you can see your imported image in the preview pane, you should use the tool strip to select your options for your watermark. You should select the following:

  • Enter your watermark text in the text area
  • Select whether you want your watermark at the top, middle, bottom or diagonal of your image
  • Select the opacity from the drop down menu – 25% or 50% is usually a good watermark setting
  • Click the Font button on the menu bar to change your font, size and colour of text
ImgWater v1.3 Released - Free Image Watermarking Tool 3

When you have entered your setting requirements, you should then click the Preview button on the menu bar:

ImgWater v1.3 Released - Free Image Watermarking Tool 4

This will now display the watermark on your image in the preview pane – you can keep amending the settings until you are happy with it – just remember that once you change a setting, you must click the Preview button again to refresh the preview pane.

ImgWater v1.3 Released - Free Image Watermarking Tool 5

Once you are completely happy with your settings, you can click the Save As button to save your image to your desired location on your computer:

That’s it! your image should now be saved complete with its own watermarking – useful for things like eBay sales and blog posts!


If you have any issues with this utility, please leave a comment using our comments system below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Free Office Online – Google Chrome Apps

Microsoft have made a number of its Office products available to use online through the Google Chrome web browser app store.

You can now install Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive as Google Chrome Apps and use them for free in a full online version.

To find them, go into your Google Chrome Browser and select the Apps button on the favourites toolbar. Then go into the Store and search for:

  • Excel – Excel Online
  • Word – Word Online
  • PowerPoint – PointPoint Online
  • Outlook –
  • OneNote – OneNote Online
  • OneDrive – OneDrive 
You can install them one by one and then access them via your Google Chrome web browser:
Free Office Online - Google Chrome Apps 6
You can then use your OneDrive to save and open files on the go.
All in all, for free, this is a handy little tool to have built into your Google Chrome Browser.

Project Libre – Free Project Viewer

We have been looking for a good Project viewer for years, but never really found one that suits our needs.

We have never really understood why Microsoft would release viewers for Word, Excel and even Visio but not for Project! We have tried a number of viewers with the least worst one being OpenProj. However, we have now been using a piece of open source software called Project Libre and it is perfect.

We are really impressed with the way it works and it is even better that it comes in a MSI installer format so that it can even be put into your Software Catalog in Configuration Manager as an application.

Although we have primarily used it as just a viewer, it can actually be used to make amendments to projects too so it could be classed as an open source replacement for Microsoft Project.

Overall, as an open source package and if you take it as so, it is absolutely brilliant and probably the best on the open source market at the moment. You can download the program in MSI format from the developers SourceForge site by clicking the link below:


Project Libre - Free Project Viewer 7


If you have any comments or alternative products that you would like us to look into, then please leave a comment below using our comments system.

Domain Down…

It seems that our domain has been down for most of the day for some of our UK visitors, we are in contact with our domain host to try and find out why but it does look like most of their customers are having issues at the moment.

Apparently Sky and Virgin Media customers are the main ones having issues in getting to a number of sites including ours.

Either way, we are hoping for a solution soon.

UPDATE – We are pleased to announce that our host has now fixed all issues with access to our domain.

Java 7 Update 55 Released – MSI and Offline Installer

Java MSI

Java have now released update 55 of version 7 of their Java Client software.The update is available as an offline installer and using our guide below, you can extract the MSI from it and use it for deployment by using Windows Updates to update current machines or add to your Configuration Manager Application Catalog or even deploy using Group Policy.

You can download the Offline Installer from the Java website using the link below:


Java 7 Update 55 Released - MSI and Offline Installer 9


By following the guide below, you can extract the MSI installer to use in deployment and Windows Updates to automatically update machines using WSUS.

How to extract Java MSI File from the Offline Installer


Update added 26th April 2015 – Please be aware that it seems that the MSI extraction does not always work with the newer versions of Java, so please see the guide below which shows you how to setup a silent install using the standard offline installer:

Java Silent Installation Guide


If you have any questions about this or wish to leave a comment, please use our comments system below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 v3.6 Utility Released

microsoft black logo

We have recently had a number of issues with web-based applications no longer working correctly due to Internet Explorer 10 or 11 being updated via Windows Update.

To correct this, we have had to manually uninstall these Internet Explorer updates from users machines:

  • KB2718695 – Internet Explorer 10
  • KB2841134 – Internet Explorer 11

This puts the machines back onto Internet Explorer 9 and everything seems to go back to working perfectly again.

So, this gave us an idea to create a small utility where at the click of a button, you can remove IE10 or IE11.

You can download this utility by clicking the button below:


Download RemoveIE


To use the utility, run the executable file that you have downloaded on the machine you want to remove IE10 or IE11 from and this will start the utility that will look like the below image. Then click the Remove IE10 or Remove IE11 button dependent on which version you want to remove (for the purposes of this guide, we will remove IE10):

Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 v3.6 Utility Released 10

This will start the uninstall process and you will be asked to confirm if you want to remove Windows Internet Explorer 10:

Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 v3.6 Utility Released 11

Click yes and the process will continue:

Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 v3.6 Utility Released 12

Once complete, you should reboot your machine, you may notice that your computer will configure Windows Updates as part of the reboot process:

Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 v3.6 Utility Released 13

When your machine has rebooted, you will find that you now have Internet Explorer 9 back on your machine:

Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 v3.6 Utility Released 14

Catastrophic Failure

When you click the Remove IE10 button, you may receive this error message:

Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 v3.6 Utility Released 15

This will happen if you do not have IE10 installed on your machine. Please also remember that Windows 8 and 8.1 have IE11 installed as default, not IE10 and you CANNOT remove IE11 from a Windows 8 machine.

PAD File

Download PAD File


We would love to hear your feedback on this article so come and join us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!

VMWare ESXi 5.5 – Adding RealTek and Atheros Network Card Drivers

We have been trying to setup a new virtual host using VMWare ESXi 5.5.0 Update 1 with a Atheros AR8161 network card. As this is one of the unsupported network cards, it kept failing upon the boot up setup process – as expected of course.

As most of you will know, you can “inject” network card drivers into the ISO installation media for VMWare ESXi so we thought that this would be a good place to start to try and get this working. This turned out to be a much harder task than we thought but after 14 hours of messing about and about 20 CDR’s later, we got it working.


Although this guide and our own testing process is based on the Atheros AR8161, this should work for most other network cards and we will add further below in this guide links to four different VIB files for Atheros and RealTek network card drivers that you can use without having to go through the pain we had to go through to find them!


First of all, you should identify your network card driver. In our case it is a Quakcinn Atheros AR8161 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30). You then need to acquire the VIB file for this network card driver to enable you to “inject” it into the ISO installation media. We will provide the ones that we can for you to download, but if your network card is not one of the below then you need to spend a bit of time Googling to find your own network card VIB file. We would like to ask that if you have others that you would like to share with the community, please contact us so that we can add a list of VIB files to this page for others to use.


The download is now available from our Downloads microsite by clicking the button below, just browse through the Downloads section on the microsite to find the file.

The VIB files included in this current download package are:

  • Atheros AR8161 VIB Driver
  • Atheros AR8151 VIB Driver
  • Realtek R8168 VIB Driver
  • Realtek R8169 VIB Driver
VMWare ESXi 5.5 - Adding RealTek and Atheros Network Card Drivers 16

When you are happy that you have the correct VIB file for your network card driver, then you need the following items from our downloads microsite to continue:

The ESXi Customizer Tool is what you will use to “inject” the VIB network card driver into your clean ISO installation media.
So, start up the ESXi Customize Tool by running the ESXi-Customizer.cmd file:
VMWare ESXi 5.5 - Adding RealTek and Atheros Network Card Drivers 17
You will then be presented with the tool and you need to browse to the following items:
  • Clean ISO Installation Media File
  • VIB Network Card Driver File
  • Output Directory for Custom ISO Installation Media
When you have entered all your necessary details, you should see something similar to this:
VMWare ESXi 5.5 - Adding RealTek and Atheros Network Card Drivers 18
You should then click the Run! button to start the customization process. The process will run in a DOS box like below:
VMWare ESXi 5.5 - Adding RealTek and Atheros Network Card Drivers 19
Once that is completed successfully, you should see a pop-up dialog box telling you of the outcome:
VMWare ESXi 5.5 - Adding RealTek and Atheros Network Card Drivers 20
If you now browse to the above location, you will find that you now have a ESXi-5.x-Custom.iso file – this can now be burnt to CDR and you should now find that your virtual host will install to completion.
If you have any questions, comments or would like to add any VIB files to our list, then please can you leave a comment below using our comments system and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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