OS deployment monitoring in ConfigMgr 2012

System Center Configuration Manager SCCM

If you are using Configuration Manager 2012 for Operating System Deployment (OSD) – which is one of the main functions of the system so we will assume that you are – then you may want to monitor the process of your task sequences.

To do this, you should go into your Configuration Manager Console and click on the Monitoring tab:

Then from the tree, you should click onto the Deployments option which will bring up all of your Configuration Manager deployments – including your Task Sequences:

You can then use the Search function to enter the name of your Task Sequence that you want to monitor:

Once you have highlighted the Task Sequence that you want to monitor, you will see an area called “Completion Statistics” and a pie chart. In that area, you will also see a View Status link:

Click this View Status link and you will be presented with the following tabs:

  • Success
  • In Progress
  • Error
  • Requirements not met
  • Unknown
These are pretty self explanatory so all you need to do is click the tab (if you are looking for a running task sequence click “In Progress”) you want and then you will see the Deployment ID’s, highlight the one you want and it will give you the machines that are currently running (I’ve blanked out our computer names on the screen prints):
When you highlight the Device name it will bring up the More Details link on the right hand side, you should now click this for more detailed information on the task sequence:
This will then bring up a dialogue box and you can click the Status tab on this box for a more detailed breakdown of the progress of the task sequence:
For failed task sequences, this detailed information status will give you an indication of why the task sequence failed and at what step.
If you have any questions about this, please leave a comment below using our comments system.
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