IE9 Compatibility Mode Enabler Released

We are pleased to announce the release of IE9 Compatibility Mode Enabler.

This program has been designed for our own purposes but has proven such a help to us that we thought we would release it as freeware.

What does it do?

This program adds a registry entry onto your machine that tells Internet Explorer to always open in Internet Explorer 9 compatibility mode. This is not the same function as you can use by pressing F12 and changing the compatibility mode in there, this is a much stronger method of forcing Internet Explorer 10 and 11 into a more stable Internet Explorer 9 environment.

We have had a lot of success with this program in using it to fix IE10 and IE11 issues with websites, custom built programs and also the Shoretel administration web interface.


Download IECompatMode


The program is provided as a MSI file so can be distributed quickly and easily across multiple machines on your network if required.

Simply download the file and run the installer – then restart Internet Explorer and test to see if this has fixed your compatibility issues.


IE9 Compatibility Mode Enabler Released 1

PAD File

Download PAD File

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