EA & Need For Speed Rivals – Nothing but problems!

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Recently, I started playing Need for Speeds Rivals on the new Xbox One console. This is a title that I’m very familiar with and have played all versions over the many years of the Need for Speed franchise.

However, Rivals has been nothing but a major disappointment – don’t get me wrong, the game itself is brilliant – no complaints there, the problem is with the bugs in the game.

Firstly, once installed and having gone through the rather long tutorial, I end up at the Police Command Center ready to race. However there is one problem with that – my car will not accelerate forwards or backwards!

So, I contacted EA support and got one of their live technical support guys. After much messing around, I decided that I’d just pull the power from the Xbox One console and try again – this worked, I started the game up again and the car moved and off I went to continue playing my new game. Great!

I then noticed after a few days of game play that the loading of the game was taking longer and longer, sometimes up to 10 minutes to load. WHY?! This I have still not got to the bottom of, although I’ve changed my AllDrive settings to Friends only instead of public and this has speeded things up a bit – although I’m losing out on the public AllDrive (that I’m not too bothered about…).

Then, yesterday, the final straw. I had got to around level 19 on the cop chapters. I had a spare hour so I thought that I’d fire up the game and use the spare time wisely by jumping into my Lamborghini I had left behind the day before. The game loaded up and I noticed that I had a Marussia and that I was on chapter 4 – what is all that about?!

Having found this post on EA forums….

My Progress on my profile have been erased XBOX ONE

I added my comments to it and then went back to EA support. Eventually I got yet another useless chap obviously with a script and we ran through all the usual crap you have to go through with support folk and after numerous reboots of the Xbox One, he then came out with the line:

“Sorry Sir but your saved game is corrupt, there is nothing I can do to help, you will have to start again”

Well – not good enough. Why has it corrupt? How has it corrupt? in 25 years of gaming I don’t think I’ve ever hit a corrupt saved game on a console! Now the most advanced console in the world is doing this along with (according to the EA forum post above..) huge amounts of other people.

Come on EA – admit your mistakes and give us a refund! I won’t go into the problems I’ve had with Fifa and Battlefield just yet!

We’d love to hear from you if you have had similar experiences with EA games and in particular Need for Speed Rivals.

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