Google Blogger Sitemap Generator Utility Released


UPDATE: Google Blogger Sitemap Generator v1.3 is now available – click the Downloads button above to obtain


We are pleased to announce the release of Blogger SiteMap Generator v1.0.

This is a small standalone utility that will allow you to enter your Google Blogger URL, select the number of entries that you want adding to your Sitemap and then generate the URL required for your Sitemap.



Once you have downloaded the utility, you should enter your own Google Blogger URL here:

Please note that you should leave in the http:// part and do not end the URL with a forward slash “/”.

You should then select the approximate amount of post entries that you have on your Blog from the drop down list as this will be the maximum amount that will be added to your sitemap:

You should then press the Generate button:

This will then generate your sitemap URL and will be presented to you in the Generated Sitemap URL box:

You can then copy this generated code to use as your Google Blogger Sitemap. This can then be submitted to sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

If you have any questions about this utility then please add your comments below.

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