ShoreWAVCon v4.4 Released – Shoretel WAV Converter & Media Player Utility

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We are pleased to announce the release of our latest utility – ShoreWAVCon v4.4.

This is a new utility based on our Shoretel Batch WAV Converter that we released a few weeks ago. In this utility you can browse for the WAV file that you wish to convert and we have also added a small media player which will enable you to listen to the WAV file before and after the conversion process.

So what format does Shoretel require to enable it to work correctly?

  • 8kHz
  • 8-bit
  • u-Law
  • Mono
  • 64kbps bit rate

This utility will take care of all of the required formatting.


Download Shoretel WAV Converter


ShoreWAVConv v4.2 is a very simple utility to use. There are two parts to the utility, the converter and the media player. You can use the top menu bar if you so wish to use the various functions:

This will provide you with the same functionality as the buttons, however, for this instructional process, we’ll be showing you how to use the utility using the buttons on the main part of the program.


To use the converter, you first need to ensure that you have your WAV file ready to import into the utility. You should also note that this is a WAV converter – not a MP3 converter, so the original file must be a WAV file and not encoded as a MP3 file or this process will not work.

Once you have your WAV file ready, click the Open File button under the Converter Menu:

This will bring up a windows file browser where you can find and select your WAV file:

You will notice that the status text box has now changed, telling you that the WAV file import has been successful:

You should now click on the Convert File button under the Converter Menu:
You should now see that the status text box has changed again to inform you that conversion has been successful:
If you browse to the original location of your WAV file, you should see another WAV file ended with _ShoreWAVCon.wav:
This file can now be played using the ShoreWAVCon Media Player to test, or can be imported straight into your Shoretel environment.


The ShoreWAVCon Media Player is another very simple tool to use. You have the option of three buttons; Open, Play and Stop – they do exactly what they say.
You can click on the Open button to open the file that you wish to play. Click the Play button to play the file that you have just opened and if you click the Stop button, this will stop the file that is currently playing.


If you find any problems with this utility or have any suggestions or comments, please comment below or click the Help button at the top of this website.



If you have any comments, please leave them below using our comments system.
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