MDT Toolkit speed up during OSD


I was recently given a tip on how to speed up the MDT Toolkit Package part when running the Operating System Deployments within my SCCM environment.

This is a simple yet effective change that slightly speeds things up if you have MDT integration enabled. The change is turning off a built in setting to delay the MDT toolkit from loading for 30 seconds. To do this, follow the below instructions:

Go into your MDT toolkit package source folder and in the Scripts folder locate the ZTISCCM.wsf file.

Then, using a tool like Notepad++ look for a line of code as per below:

wscript.sleep 30000

You should then delete that line or just comment it out of the code, then update your required distribution points and give it a try. It will knock out 30 seconds of delay for each part that you load your MDT Toolkit during OSD.

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